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The Mucker

Gelesen von Joseph DeNoia

(4,256 Sterne; 213 Bewertungen)

Grown and raised on the streets of Chicago; a ruthless, brawling beast of a man who detests all that “class” and “highbrow society” has to offer. Shanghaied and put into service upon a pirate’s vessel to kidnap an affluent business man’s daughter on the high seas. Shipwrecked with mutineering shipmates, Billy Byrne now fights to rescue the young woman from not only these pirates, but ancient samurai headhunters that inhabit this lonely island…and to find the man that truly lies inside the beast.

Summary by Joe DeNoia (4 hr 57 min)


Billy Byrne


Read by Joseph DeNoia



Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Conspiracy


Read by Joseph DeNoia



Read by Joseph DeNoia

Larry Divine Unmasked


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Mucker at Bay


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Typhoon


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Wreck of the 'Halfmoon'


Read by Joseph DeNoia

Oda Yorimoto


Read by Joseph DeNoia

Barbara Captured by Head-Hunters


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Village of Yoka


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Fight in the Palace


Read by Joseph DeNoia

A Gentleman of France


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Mucker Sees a New Light


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Rescue


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Supreme Sacrifice


Read by Joseph DeNoia

Home Again


Read by Joseph DeNoia

The Gulf Between


Read by Joseph DeNoia


Yet ANOTHER appalling reader!

(0,5 Sterne)

Librivox please STOP accepting sub par readers!! You just waste their time and ours because nobody lasts more than 5 minutes, listening to an ear bleeding voice!!! You also deprive the audience, of ALL the other books that the dreadful reader has narrated!! You NEED QUALITY CONTROL for THE NARRATORS!!!

(4,5 Sterne)

A little hard to understand because of the deep baritone voice. but the story is well written and we'll read. Did Burroughs ever write a story where the hero wasn't a giant with grey eyes?

Good story AND reader

(5 Sterne)

This review is mostly in response to the person saying Joseph is an appalling reader. I truly enjoyed his narration and have listened to other books he's read. Yes, his voice is deep and a little gravelly, but like any new reader, you have to adjust and get used to their tone and cadence. Perhaps that unfair reviewer only enjoys the stories read by professionals that volunteer their time for Librovox. Joseph sounds like a guy sitting in a chair next to you reading you a book, and I love that. I appreciate anyone taking on the task of a solo read as I can't listen to the books with a different reader for every chapter. Joseph has also come to be one of my favorites. He's a little fast, but I adjusted the speed down one click and it was perfect without sounding distorted. Keep up the good work! And true to what I've heard, The Mucker is a little known gem! Going to listen to the sequel now. So glad it's the same narrator as that maintains the consistency of the story.

(3,5 Sterne)

Good story of transformation about the hardened Mucker tamed by life and love but the ending was a let down. I hate it when the main characters give to the love interest in the end.

Another ERB classic

(5 Sterne)

Character development, specifically toward manliness and chivalry are unquestionably Edgar Rice Burroughs' forte. This book is an excellent example of such, with an unpredictable story, several unlikely heroes, and a surprise ending.

Too difficult to understand

(1 Sterne)

Joseph has such a deep voice that it echoes (or similar) in the recording. Perhaps this can be adjusted, because the reading is regular and smooth. I just cannot follow it.

Story is Good, Bad recording.

(3 Sterne)

Recording was bad and very hard to hear, I had to download it off website and adjust eq settings. Story was good though, looking forward to part 2

I think it would be a good movie

(5 Sterne)

I listen to the on my phone next to me playing video games and understood every word he said so there's that