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Concerning Genealogies

Gelesen von Roger Melin

(3,5 Sterne; 3 Bewertungen)

Written over a century ago, this comprehensive book offers insight into the methods used (still to this day, in spite of modern computers) to research and compile a family history. As stated in the preface of the book, "Strong emphasis is laid upon the importance of employing the historical method..." which is sorely lacking in today's computerized compilations. - Summary by Roger Melin (1 hr 56 min)




Read by Roger Melin

Ancestry Hunting


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The Joys of Research


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The 'Clan' Genealogy


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The 'Grafton' Genealogy


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The Printing


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Read by Roger Melin


Concise, entertaining guide to writing family history

(5 Sterne)

This book was first published in 1904, but it holds up really well. It presents a plan for researching, writing, and publishing a family history. Its secondary aim was to inspire the reader to use a certain publisher’s organizational materials and publishing services to publish a family history. Don’t worry about that, though. The sales-pitch aspect is minimal, and there is nothing about the system that today’s reader can’t recreate using notebooks or Word documents. The book itself is concise and well organized. None of its points will be surprising to experienced researchers of family history, but there is value in hearing them laid out so simply: It’s a great cure for procrastination and over-thinking. This book is also entertainingly written. Genealogists in 1904 loved genealogy for the same reasons they do today: it’s fun, and it’s exciting to make and share discoveries. Roger Melin is a terrific reader; his inflections capture the author’s wit and communicate his exhortations perfectly.

well read but no value content

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