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Little Women

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(4,441 Sterne; 678 Bewertungen)

Little Women is the classic story of The March family, which consists of Mr. and Mrs. March and their four girls--Practical, yet fashion conscious Meg, who longs for the nice things they used to have. Rambunctious, book worm, Jo, who wants to become a writer and wishes she were born a boy. Shy and quiet, home-loving Beth, who loves to play the piano and play with her kitties. Finally, the youngest, artistic Amy, who longs for an aristocratic nose!

The story takes place during the American Civil War, and begins with Mr. March away from home as a chaplain to the Union army, while his wife and daughters remain at home to work and wait for his safe return. This book follows their joys and sorrows and scrapes along the path to the girl's becoming grown up "little women".

Many of the scrapes they get into include Laurie--their harum scarum next door neighbor, who becomes their adopted brother. The two families, The March's and the Laurence's strike up a lasting friendship, despite their differences in material belongings. (Summary by Mary Anderson) (18 hr 59 min)


01 - Playing Pilgrims


Read by Elizabeth

02 - A Merry Christmas


Read by Elizabeth

03 - The Laurence Boy


Read by Elizabeth

04 - Burdens


Read by Mary Anderson

05 - Being Neighborly


Read by Elizabeth

06 - Beth Finds the Palace Beautiful


Read by Elizabeth

07 - Amy's Valley of Humiliation


Read by Lee Ann Howlett

08 - Jo Meets Apollyon


Read by Lee Ann Howlett

09 - Meg Goes to Vanity Fair


Read by Elizabeth Klett

10 - The P.C. and P.O.


Read by Mary Anderson

11 - Experiments


Read by David Jaquay

12 - Camp Laurence


Read by Mary Anderson

13 - Castles in the Air


Read by Wina Hathaway

14 - Secrets


Read by Wina Hathaway

15 - A Telegram


Read by Wina Hathaway

16 - Letters


Read by Mary Anderson

17 - Little Faithful


Read by Mary Anderson

18 - Dark Days


Read by Jennette Selig

19 - Amy's Will


Read by Claire Goget

20 - Confidential


Read by Claire Goget

21 - Laurie Makes Mischief, and Jo Makes Peace


Read by Graeme Jolliffe

22 - Pleasant Meadows


Read by Jennette Selig

23 - Aunt March Settles the Question


Read by Mary Anderson

24 - Gossip


Read by katyleah

25 - The First Wedding


Read by Mary Anderson

26 - Artistic Attempts


Read by Mary Anderson

27 - Literary Lessons


Read by Mary Anderson

28 - Domestic Experiments


Read by katyleah

29 - Calls


Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)

30 - Consequences


Read by Mary Anderson

31 - Our Foreign Correspondent


Read by Mary Anderson

32 - Tender Troubles


Read by Sarah Jennings

33 - Jo's Journal


Read by J. M. Smallheer

34 - A Friend


Read by Mary Anderson

35 - Heartache


Read by Mary Anderson

36 - Beth's Secret


Read by Holly

37 - New Impressions


Read by JemmaBlythe

38 - On the Shelf


Read by Mary Anderson

39 - Lazy Laurence


Read by Mary Anderson

40 - The Valley of the Shadow


Read by Mary Anderson

41 - Learning to Forget


Read by Lee Ann Howlett

42 - All Alone


Read by Riddleman

43 - Surprises


Read by Mary Anderson

44 - My Lord and Lady


Read by Lee Ann Howlett

45 - Daisy and Demi


Read by Mary Anderson

46 - Under the Umbrella


Read by JemmaBlythe

47 - Harvest Time


Read by Mary Anderson


what a wonderful story!

(5 Sterne)

This is by far my favorite book ever! Although some of the readers made a little hard to understand what was happening now and then, I couldn't help enjoying the story. There is excitement, mischiefs, a little romance and a ton of fun! If you are picking out a book to listen to with your family, you seriously should choose this five star book, little Women. (Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement. I am 12 years old and I promise it isn't.)

sweet little stort

(4 Sterne)

I love this sweet book. I hate that I'd never read it before. I enjoyed must of the readers' voices, but some were hard to understand. Thanks to all of the volunteers.

i enjoyed it

(5 Sterne)

i enjoyed this very much.I even was learning about Louisa May Alcott in history last year.It is way awesome.Although when i read almost five chapters it said'could not download book'.Can't you fix it?Next time you should just let one person read the whoole entire book.i'd like that.The changing voices enoy me cause different people with different voices


(5 Sterne)

Can't understand some of the voices but good plot. Mary Anderson should hove done all of them.I could not understand chapter 46es reader and had to skip it :(

great pleasure of reading

(5 Sterne)

It is such a pleasant reading of a splendid book. This is first time I listen to someone read out a book. The extra long sentence are foreign to my ear at the beginning, but by and by, I learned to concentrate more to the voice and which in turn make me understand better, and then I started to feel the melody flow of the beautiful sentences, and get to appreciate the book more and more. I especially like Mary Anderson's reading, very soothing voice and just the right speed. I am very grateful for all the volunteers to make this wonderful book available for us for free.

Accurate but Lackluster

(3 Sterne)

I could not get through more than one chapter. While the different voices may be entertaining, they lack variation. The reading in general is inconsistent and does not flow naturally as one would naturally speak. A valiant effort on a timeless classic- but I would not recommend this rendition. EDITED: upon further inspection. I now realize that there are many different readers for this story. After sampling the various readers, I may recommend this rendition provided you could replace all chapters read by Elizabeth.

unexpectedly pleasant

(5 Sterne)

The plot was genuinely interesting with it's own gradual twists and turns. Though I am a feminist at heart and some parts were irksome,but I can understand the authors mindset in that time. overall a must read.


(5 Sterne)

By far the best book I have read in a long time!! Some readers were a bit hard to understand, but it was a great book overall