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Spinning-Wheel Stories

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(4,304 Sterne; 23 Bewertungen)

A group of stories-within-a-story, told in the classic Louisa May Alcott style.

"I've a little cold," said the old lady, "and am too hoarse for talking, my dears; but Aunt Elinor has looked up a parcel of old tales that I've told her at different times and which she has written down. You will like to hear her reading better than my dull way of telling them, and I can help Minnie and Lotty with their work, for I see they are bent on learning to spin."

The young folk were well pleased with grandma's proposal; for Aunt Nell was a favorite with all, being lively and kind and fond of children, and the only maiden aunt in the family. Now, she smilingly produced a faded old portfolio, and, turning over a little pile of manuscripts, said in her pleasant way:

"Here are all sorts, picked up in my travels at home and abroad; and in order to suit all of you, I have put the names on slips of paper into this basket, and each can draw one in turn. Does that please my distinguished audience?"

(Summary by TriciaG and from the book) (6 hr 59 min)


01 - Grandma's Story


Read by Alex Lau

02 - Tabby's Table-Cloth


Read by Lauren Jane

03 - Eli's Education


Read by Katalina Watt

04 - Onawandah


Read by Lauren Jane

05 - Little Things


Read by Katalina Watt

06 - The Banner of Beaumanoir


Read by Bart in 't Veld

07 - Jerseys; or, the Girl's Ghost


Read by Jeanni Hall

08 - The Little House in the Garden


Read by Tara Dow

09 - Daisy's Jewel-Box, and How She Filled It


Read by kandice stehlik

10 - Corny's Catamount


Read by Jeanni Hall

11 - The Cooking-Class


Read by Michele Eaton

12 - The Hare and the Tortoise


Read by Lyn Silva



(4,5 Sterne)

All of these were absolutely stunning! The truth and clarity with which Alcott writes really brings home the time-old truths. All the readers did a very good job, 'Jersys' and 'Owanada' especially! This book is geared a little more toward girls, but everyone(and all ages) will enjoy. Thanks everyone for your heard work!

Beautiful Stories

(5 Sterne)

A collection of free-standing, enjoyable tales which each contain an excellent lesson about character. Very well read. Treatment of animals in a couple stories might be upsetting for young or sensitive children.

very good

(5 Sterne)

Excellent, unfortunately the final chapter was ruined by poor quality recording and difficult to understand accent

(5 Sterne)

very well read,this story I have listened to again and again