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The Gods of Mars - (version 3)

Gelesen von Mark Nelson

(4,76 Sterne; 492 Bewertungen)

After John Carter's arrival, a boat of Green Martians on the River Iss are ambushed by the previously unknown Plant Men. The lone survivor is his friend Tars Tarkas, the Jeddak of Thark, who has taken the pilgrimage to the Valley Dor to find Carter. Having saved their own lives, Carter and Tars Tarkas discover that the Therns, a white-skinned race of self-proclaimed gods, have for eons deceived the Barsoomians elsewhere by disseminating that the pilgrimage to the Valley Dor is a journey to paradise. Most arrivals are killed by the beasts of Valley, and the survivors enslaved by Therns. (Summary by Wikipedia) (8 hr 40 min)


00 - Forward


Read by Mark Nelson

01 - The Plant Men


Read by Mark Nelson

02 - A Forest Battle


Read by Mark Nelson

03 - The Chamber of Mystery


Read by Mark Nelson

04 - Thuvia


Read by Mark Nelson

05 - Corridors of Peril


Read by Mark Nelson

06 - The Black Pirates of Barsoom


Read by Mark Nelson

07 - A Fair Goddess


Read by Mark Nelson

08 - The Depths of Omean


Read by Mark Nelson

09 - Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal


Read by Mark Nelson

10 - The Prison Isle of Shador


Read by Mark Nelson

11 - When Hell Broke Loose


Read by Mark Nelson

12 - Domed to Die


Read by Mark Nelson

13 - A Break for Liberty


Read by Mark Nelson

14 - The Eyes in the Dark


Read by Mark Nelson

15 - Flight and Pursuit


Read by Mark Nelson

16 - Under Arrest


Read by Mark Nelson

17 - The Death Sentence


Read by Mark Nelson

18 - Sola's Story


Read by Mark Nelson

19 - Black Despair


Read by Mark Nelson

20 - The Air Battle


Read by Mark Nelson

21 - Through Flood and Flame


Read by Mark Nelson

22 - Victory and Defeat


Read by Mark Nelson


Gods of Mars

(5 Sterne)

The second in the Barsoom series, which continues to follow the adventures of John Carter. Classic ERB delivered by one of the best narrators, Mark Nelson. Thank you Mr. Nelson.

Wonderful sequel made all the better due to this fantastic reading

(5 Sterne)

Another fantastic reading by Mark Nelson. I'm now listening to books that weren't even on my radar because he is doing the reading. Fun pulpy adventure from simpler times. Wonderfully campy and full of over the top cliffhangers.


(5 Sterne)

I will LOOK for THIS READER from now on, while I seek out all the rest of ERB's Barsoom series book by book. Thrilling! I'm enjoying it as much as I loved reading these novels as a kid. Thank you also, LibriVox. I may be the first cranky grownup to admit this, but FREE audiobooks are a sanity saver.

Mr. Nelson Readings Are Captivating!

(5 Sterne)

These are the best read chronicles in E.R.B.'s John Carter series. Harken back to Story Time in the early days of radio. Feel the action and anticipation as Mr. Nelson narrates your way through John Carter's diaries. I have a duplicate review below with the incorrect star rating. Cursed large fingers and small phone!


(5 Sterne)

One of the most professional readers I've heard on Librivox. Very few misspeaks. Great voice. Gives each character their own accents / nuances. Super easy to get into the story with a reader like this. I look forward to other works he has lent his talent to!

Excellent story and reading!

(5 Sterne)

Mark Douglas Nelson did an excellent job reading as usual. The story is very action packed, which makes it easy to follow and quite interesting. If you've read a Princess of Mars, you may as well continue the journey of John Carter.

Great reading, predictable book

(3 Sterne)

I know this is supposed to be a true classic, but I found it irritatingly predictable. Mark Nelson is one of my favorite readers, which is why I listened all the way to the end.

incredible story and reading

(5 Sterne)

Wow what an incredible sequel with a crazy endingI can’t wait to start the next book in the series! Great reading by Mark Nelson!