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Red Sails and Blue Wings

In The Story of Doctor Dolittle (version 3)

Read by Karen Savage

Hugh Lofting

After his parrot Polynesia teaches him to speak animal languages, Doctor Dolittle decides to abandon his human practice, and become an anima…

Version 8

In Bible (KJV) 19: Psalm 133

Read by Karen Savage

King James Version

LibriVox volunteers bring you eight different recordings of Psalm 133, to celebrate United Nations Day. This was the weekly poetry project f…

La Buenaventura, pt. 1

In Novelas Cortas de Alarcón

Read by Karen Savage

Pedro Antonio de Alarcon and Pedro Antonio De Alarcón Y Ariza

Antología de nueve novelas cortas de Pedro Antonio de Alarcón.

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