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Billy Budd

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Herman Melville

Young naive sailor Billy Budd is impressed into military service with the British navy in the 1790s, framed for conspiracy to mutiny, summar…

Little Foes of the Trailer

In On The Trail: An Outdoor Book for Girls

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Lina Beard

Lina and Adelia Beard, co-founders of the first American girls' scouting group, originally called the Girl Scout Society, then the Girl Pion…

Madame Swann at Home, Part 1

In Within a Budding Grove

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Marcel Proust

"In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower" (bowdlerized by Scottish translator Scott Moncrieff as "Within a Budding Grove"…

''Too Much “Verboten''

In The Rise and Fall of Prohibition

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Charles Hanson Towne

Subtitle: "The Human Side of What the Eighteenth Amendment and the Volstead Act Have Done to the United States" From Chapter 1: &…