Geraldine Bonner

Miss Maitland, Private Secretary

Read by Holly Jenson

Semi-retired sleuth Molly Morgenthau Babbitts goes undercover as a governess to investigate a robbery at the aristocratic Janney mansion on …

The Girl at Central

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Molly Morganthau, day operator in the telephone exchange, helps to solve a murder. (Summary by D. A. Frank)

The Black Eagle Mystery

Read by Michael MacTaggert

A New York corporate lawyer falls eighteen stories from the Black Eagle Building. Suicide, cops say. That Hollings Harland was part of a bla…

The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The famous Castlecourt Diamonds have gone missing and the story surrounding their disappearance is strange indeed.  To help sort out th…

The Book of Evelyn

Read by MJ Rodriguez

"The Book of Evelyn" by Geraldine Bonner follows the journey of Evelyn, a widow who moves back to New York City to start afresh. S…