Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Pee-Wee Harris

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Percy Keese Fitzhugh was an American author of nearly 100 books for children and young adults. The bulk of his work revolves around the fict…

Tom Slade On The River

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Published with the permission of the Boy Scouts of America, this is one of a series of adventure books for boys telling of the adventures an…

Pee-Wee Harris on the Trail

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In this, the second Pee-Wee Harris adventure, we follow young Walter, B.S.A (Boy of Superior Appetite or Boy Scout of America, take your pic…

Pee-Wee Harris in Luck

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Another episode in the life of the loveable Pee-Wee Harris, Boy Scout and Boy of Superior Appetite, who always lands on his feet, even when …

Pee-Wee Harris Adrift

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That lovable Boy Scout, Pee-Wee Harris, is back for another adventure, this time on the water. Somehow, he always manages to find the snacks…

Pee-Wee Harris (Version 2)

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Last summer I went down to where my uncle lives and spent vacation there and I had a peach of a time and all the things I did are told in th…

Pee-Wee Harris: Fixer

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Pee-Wee Harris, Boy Scout of America and Boy of Superior Appetite returns for another adventure -- just normal events in the life of a boy. …

Pee-wee Harris F. O. B. Bridgeboro

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Pee-Wee is back for another scouting adventure, disaster only averted by the judicious application of snacks!

Westy Martin on the Santa Fe Trail

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Mr. Madison C. Wilde, Field Manager of Educational Films, has engaged young Westy Martin, the so-called best scout since Buffalo Bill, to ac…