The Life of St. Hilarion

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St. Hilarion (291–371 AD) was an anchorite who lived most of his life in the desert after the example of St. Anthony the Great (251–356 AD). He is considered to be the founder of Palestinian monasticism and venerated as a saint by the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church. He was born in Gaza to pagan parents. After successfully studying rhetoric in Alexandria, he converted to Christianity. After which, he shunned the pleasures of his day, the theatre, circus and arena, and spent his time going to church. Upon hearing of St. Antony and his way of life he purposed to become a monk, first spending time in Egypt and then returning to Gaza. - Summary summarized from Wikipedia (1 hr 5 min)


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very good story on desert saint. reader was muffled at times. .

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very good book