The Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary

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St. Jerome composed this essay against Helvidius, who stated that because the gospels mentioned Christ as having “sisters” and “brethren” the Virgin Mary must have had more children from Joseph her husband. In response Jerome asserts three propositions against Helvidius:

1) That Joseph was only putatively, not really, the husband of Mary.
2) That the “brethren” of the Lord were his cousins, not his own brethren.
3) That virginity is better than the married state.
- Summary from the preface (1 hr 9 min)


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Good job

(4 stars)

I admit that I often listen to this type of book in order to fall asleep. The reader did a good job with the material. His voice was soothing but not boring.


(5 stars)

The Scriptural truth, of Mary's Perpetual Virginity. Beautiful and and straight forward. It's worth listening to! (Revelation 12: 1, 2, 5, 17)

(5 stars)

Excellent test by St Jerome, and excellent reader!