Bacchides: or, The Twin Sisters

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Titus Maccius Plautus

Twin sisters, separated at birth to different lands. Later, Mnesilochus falls in love with one of them, only to see his friend Pistoclerus a…

The Heir At Law

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George Colman The Elder and George Colman The Younger

Daniel Dowlas a chandler from Gosport, transmogrified into a baron, naturally enough demands, in what consists the mighty difference between…

Bob And Ray Show 59 12 24 Giving Christmas Gifts To The Cast

The cast decorates the studio Christmas tree, sing a carol, and receive their presents.

Elgin Holiday Specials 45 12 25 4th Annual Elgin Christmas Show

Don Ameche hosts this 2 hour long 4th Elgin Christmas show, with entertainment provided by Bob Hope, Bob Crosby, Ginny Simms, Vera Vague, Ge…

Fibber Mc Gee And Molly 52 04 15 All You Can Eat For One Dollar

Fibber hears a radio advertisement for "All you can eat for a dollar" at a restaurant, and he and Molly rush to take advantage of …

Lux Radio Theater 45 01 08 I Never Left Home

This Lux production, instead of their usual adaptation of a film, is based on a book by Bob Hope entitled "I Never Left Home",&nbs…

Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44 05 17 ( 17) Guest Ann Sothern

Guest "Honest Ann Sothern", wants Orson to be her political campaign manager. Ann and Orson sing about her political views in a so…

Our Miss Brooks 49 11 27 Thanksgiving Weekend

Miss Brooks winds up with a house full of Thanksgiving dinner guests, with only one squab instead of turkey.


BBC Radio 4

Will Nathan ever learn to do the right thing and make it back to being a human again? Daniel Rigby, Josh Widdicombe, Diane Morgan and a host…

The Young Idea

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Noël Coward

A Comedy in Three Acts


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Walter Ben Hare

Ye lords and ladies who have gathered here to see our little comedy of cheer, I bid you welcome to the Sunshine play, And hope 'twill dri…

Jack Benny Program 37 01 10 ( 240) Buck Benny Rides Again Ten

Jack gets a complaint from a man named Buckingham Benny, then the cast performs another of their countless Buck Benny skits.

Jack Benny Program 37 03 21 From New York

Jack invites his old friend, the Waukegan Mayor Mancel Talcott to the show.  Along with the Mayor and the rest of the cast, Jack plays …

Abbott And Costello 44 11 02 Mortimer's Pet Shop

Costello gets a job at a pet store so he can earn the money to buy an expensive dog, then sneaks the dog away from the store to enter it in …

Abbott And Costello Show 44 02 10 Robinson Crusoe With Charles Laughton

Charles Laughton joins the boys in a play written by Mrs. Niles.

Abbott & Costello 47 12 31 New Year's Eve

A Day in the Life of Lou Costello. Costello plans to go to the Rose Bowl game, so Abbott tries to find out what he knows about football. Cos…

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