Groucho Marx 1954 Comedy

Groucho Marx 1954 Comedy 

Archie Andrews - OTR

Archie Andrews was a teenage sitcom directly adapted from the very popular comic strip of Bob Montana. It began to be heard on NBC Blue on M…

The Goon Show

The Goons

The Goon Show, 1950s: Ultimate Goons

Sears Radio Theatre - OTR

Sears Radio Theater was a radio drama anthology series which ran weeknightly on CBS Radio in 1979, sponsored by the Sears chain. Often paire…

The Parson's Wedding

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Thomas Killigrew

Often considered Killigrew's best play, this is a comedy with a bawdy tone where people flirt, trick each other and everyone else. It was th…

The Intimate Strangers

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Booth Tarkington

"Beginning with the girl of yesterday and a lawyer of uncertain age, stranded in a railway station, half starved and uncertain of the f…

Fifty Cents

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Billy Mortimer

LibriVox volunteers bring you 10 recordings of Fifty Cents by Billy Mortimer. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for August 21, 2011.Or…

Trinummus: The Three Pieces of Money

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Titus Maccius Plautus

Buried treasure, reckless son, exile, young love, betrayal, detection - all as relevant today as when this comedy was written 2200 years ago…

Meet Corliss Archer Part 1


Six episodes of a fairly rare OTR program. Corliss is a Teenage girl with all the crisis' of a teenager. This may be classified as comedy or…

Gasoline Alley 20 Eps


(20 Episodes) "Gasoline Alley," with its comic book kickoff, was successfully radio broadcast, with sponsorship by Autolife Sparkp…

The Barber of Seville

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Pierre Beaumarchais

Count Almaviva's heart is stolen when he lays eyes on Rosine, but he worries that she will only love him for his money. Can Figaro help him?…

Moon Mullins 03 Eps


(03 Episodes) "Moon Mullins," was an Old Time Radio situation comedy that began as a newspaper comic strip character. OTR * def gp…

Summer Boarders; or The Great Jewel Mystery

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Josephine Van Tassel Bruorton

A rich widow or two. An owner of 1000 acres of fine land. An heiress to the 1000 acres. Nefarious visitors of various sorts after the land, …

Abie's Irish Rose 03 Eps


(03 Episodes) "Abie's Irish Rose": January 24, 1942, NBC's WMAQ radio in Chicago aired the premier episode of "Abie's Irish R…

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