The Olive Fairy Book

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang’s Olive Fairy Book (1907) was a beautifully produced and illustrated edition of fairy tales that has become a classic. This was …

Minutes To Midnight; The Nemesis Chronicles

Read by H.R. Jackson

H.R. Jackson

Mythics... Creatures and beings of legend, possessing extraordinary abilities. Once thought of as merely stories, they've learned to blend i…

Red Nails

Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)

Robert E. Howard

Conan the Cimmerian pursues the beautiful and deadly pirate Valeria after she kills a Stygian only to find himself cornered by a dragon. App…

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (version 4)

Read by Eric Leach

Lewis Carroll

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dod…

Eine Idee des Doctor Ox

Read by Dirk Weber

Jules Verne

Jules Vernes Roman führt uns in das fiktive Städtchen Quiquendone. Hier ticken die Uhren besonders langsam und es bedarf schon mal…

Die Schatzgräber

Read by Hokuspokus

Karl Wilhelm Salice-Contessa

Karl Wilhelm Salice-Contessa war ein schlesischer Dichter der Romantik. Er war einer der "Serapionsbrüder" um E. T. A. Hoffm…

Prophecy of Swords

Read by M.H. Bonham

M.H. Bonham

To end a war, nearly a thousand years ago a great warrior named Lachlan sought to unify his people, using the power of the Three Swords of D…

The Dragon Of Wantley (version 2)

Read by David Wales

Owen Wister

A novel, The Dragon of Wantley, was written by Owen Wister (best known as the author of The Virginian) in 1892. Published by Lipincott Press…

Key Out of Time (version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

Andre Norton

Time Agents Ross Murdock and Gordon Ashe return for another assignment, this time to the tropical island paradise planet of Hawaika. Somethi…


Read by Kirk Warrington

Kirk Warrington

DarkAge is a mature, fantasy fiction, podcast novel where Sword and Sorcery meets Medieval Fantasy. A group of friends playing a fantasy r…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Candide, ou l’Optimisme, (“Candide, or Optimism”) (1759) is a picaresque novel by the Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire. Voltaire never ope…


Read by Hokuspokus

Gustav Meyrink

In der Nacht des 30. April, der Walpurgisnacht, stört ein schlafwandelnder Schauspieler die Abendgesellschaft im Hause des Barons Elsen…

Faust II

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend; a highly successful scholar, but also dissatisfied with his life, and so makes a deal w…

The Patchwork Girl of Oz

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

L. Frank Baum

An unlucky Munchkin boy named Ojo must travel around Oz gathering the ingredients for an antidote to the Liquid of Petrifaction which has tu…

Astreya Book 3: The Wanderer's Curse

Read by Seymour Hamilton

Seymour Hamilton

The conclusion of The Astreya Trilogy. Lindey takes Astreya, Cam, Damon, and Arneb to Matris, only to discover that much has changed since s…

The Chessmen of Mars (version 3)

Read by Mark Nelson

Edgar Rice Burroughs

In the fifth book in the Barsoom series, Tara of Helium, daughter of John Carter, becomes lost in an unknown area of Mars when her single-se…

Hidden Things

Read by Doyce Testerman

Doyce Testerman

"Watch out for the Hidden Things..."That's the last thing Calliope Jenkin's best friend and former lover says to her before ending…


Read by Rainer

E. T. A. Hoffmann

Die "Nachtstücke" sind eine Sammlung von unheimlichen Geschichten, die der Romantik zuzuordnen sind. Die einzelnen Titel dies…

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