Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Ralph Waldo Emerson

LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of Days by Ralph Waldo Emerson. This was the Weekly Poetry project for June 10, 2012.As a lectur…

Das Warme Polarland

Read by Dirk Weber

Ernst Constantin

Ähnlich Jules Verne in seinem Roman "Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde", so führt uns auch Ernst Constantin in die Urtü…

The People of the Black Circle (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

Robert E. Howard

The People of the Black Circle" is one of the original novellas about Conan the Cimmerian, written by American author Robert E. Howard …

Fifty-One Tales

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Lord Dunsany

Very brief, well-crafted stories, many having surprise endings, all steeped in the dye of myth and calling to every reader's neglected imagi…


Read by T.M. Nielsen

T.M. Nielsen

Chevalier has never been told no. For thousands of years he’s sat on the Equites Council, ruling body of his heku faction, and for thousands…

The Hour of the Dragon (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

Robert E. Howard

This is absolutely the best Conan novel ever written in my opinion. It follows Conan when at the peak of his power as king of Aquilonia, he…

The Ghost: A Modern Fantasy

Read by Simon Evers

Arnold Bennett

The novel opens with Carl Foster, a recently qualified doctor, coming to London to try and make his fortune. He meets a famous tenor, Signor…

Through the Looking-Glass (version 3)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Lewis Carroll

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871) is a work of children's literature by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson),…


Read by Artemis Greenleaf

Artemis Greenleaf

“I didn’t believe in ghosts, not until I became one.” Schuyler Ramsey just wants to be like the other kids in school. Too bad she’s dead. Sh…

Falcons of Narabedla

Read by Mark Nelson

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Somewhere on the Time Ellipse, Mike Kenscott became Adric of the Scarlet Tower, and the only way to return to his own identity was to find t…

Zwei Kindermärchen

Read by Elli

Heinrich Hoffmann

Struwwelpeter: In dem Buch erzählt Hoffmann Geschichten von Kindern, die nicht brav sind, nicht auf ihre Eltern hören und denen de…

La Muerta Enamorada (Version 2)

Read by Mongope

Théophile Gautier

En esta obra corta de Gautier un anciano sacerdote, Romualdo, relata su experiencia de amor con la bella Clarimonda. Romualdo en el oficio d…

The World Beyond

Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)

Ray Cummings

Lee Anthony finds himself and two of his friends kidnapped and taken on a strange voyage. (Summary by Richard Kilmer)

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Read by Peter Eastman

J. M. Barrie

When he is seven days old, Peter Pan flies away from his mother (forgetting that he is no longer a bird and therefore cannot fly), comes to …

The World Set Free (version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

H. G. Wells

Radioactive decay is a major theme in the novel The World Set Free, published in 1914. Wells explores what might happen if the rate of decay…

Time and the Gods

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Lord Dunsany

Lord Dunsany (24 July 1878 – 25 October 1957) was a London-born Anglo-Irish writer and dramatist notable for his work in fantasy. He was inf…

The Revolt of the Angels

Read by Roger Melin

Anatole France

Anatole France, in his satirical and allegorical fashion, weaves a tale of fantasy which finds a mischievous guardian angel stealing books f…

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