Sherlock Holmes 1948-12-19 The Speckled Band


1948-12-19 The Speckled Band

The Black Bag

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Louis Joseph Vance

Mr. Philip Kirkwood, a not so successful painter, receives a visitor from his home town in America, who wants him to do him an unspecified f…

Tom Ossington's Ghost

Read by Patti Cunningham

Richard Marsh

Madge and Ella have lived at Clover Cottage for six weeks when a series of strange events begin to occur. A gentleman who arrives asking for…

Mathew Slade Private Investigator


A collection of detective shows that aired on AFRS, apparently under the name of Starlight Mystery Theater in the 1949 time frame.

Man Overboard

Read by Roger Melin

Francis Marion Crawford

Peculiar happenings aboard the schooner Helen B. Jackson when one night during a storm, the small crew found themselves diminished by one. S…

Murder at Bridge

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Anne Austin

Inhabitants of the small town of Hamilton joke that they are afraid of being the dummy when playing Bridge, for fear of being murdered. Mean…

Suspense page 2


Old Time Radio Programs. Very well done Mystery Series. Download Whole directory Page 1 You Are On Page 2 Page 3 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6…


Read by Seth Harwood

Seth Harwood

This is where it boils down, eager listeners. Jack Palms is back out on the streets of San Francisco after a brief stint in the hospital, an…

The Exploits Of Elaine

Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)

Arthur B. Reeve

The Exploits of Elaine It tells the story of a young woman named Elaine who, with the help of a detective, tries to find the man, known only…


Read by Myke Bartlett

Myke Bartlett

1999 - Aston Somerfield, casual smoker and part-time alcoholic, has come to London to find himself. He knows who he's looking for, he's seen…

Red Arrows in the Night

Read by Maria Therese

Daniel A. Lord

The Scarlet Archer of Agincourt is claimed by the Erkenwold’s as their family ghost. Tradition held that the death of an important Erkenwold…

The Dark House

Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)

George Manville Fenn

An extremely wealthy but reclusive man has died, leaving an eccentric will which hints at great riches hidden somewhere in the house. Most …

Mrs. Raffles

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

John Kendrick Bangs

Mrs. Raffles, widow of the now deceased A. J. Raffles (who was the gentleman thief pursued at one time by Sherlock Holmes), continues the fa…

Christopher Quarles: College Professor and Master Detective

Read by Tony Posante

Percy James Brebner

Christopher Quarles is a professor of philosophy and a private consulting detective. Quarles, along with his granddaughter Zena, assists Pol…

The Amateur

Read by Crln Yldz Ksr

Richard Harding Davis

On the steamer on his way to London, Austin Ford meets a young woman, who is going to London to find her missing husband. Being a specialist…

Mystery at Geneva: An Improbable Tale of Singular Happenings

Read by Cate Barratt

Rose Macaulay

Henry Beechtree, a newspaper correspondent for the British Bolshevist, is covering the latest otherwise sleepy session of the League of Nati…

The Expressman and the Detective

Read by Pete Williams, Pittsburgh, PA

Allan Pinkerton

Allan Pinkerton (1819-1884), a Scotsman by birth and a barrel-maker by trade, settled in Chicago in its infancy and founded the Pinkertons, …


Read by Alan Winterrowd

Marcel Allain

Fantômas is the first of 32 novels penned from 1911 to 1913 by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre. The title character is a ruthless t…

The Faltese Malcom

Read by Peter E. Abresch

Peter E. Abresch

The Faltese Malcom was recorded using a number of actors in stereo, with left and right voices, where you'll find adventure, love, laughter,…

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