The Shadow 38 11 13 Black Rock

A gang of thieves has stolen two million dollars from a company, faked their deaths, and are hiding out on a deserted island, until the Shad…

2000 Plus 50 11 15 Worlds Apart

A rocket ship attempting to make the first trip to Uranus, encounters a mysterious object that forces them off course.  Adrift and lost…

Haunting Hour 45 09 01 No Escape

A  story about a murdered wife who seems to have returned to life.

Molle' Mystery Theater 46 03 29 The Creeper

A woman is terrified and frightened of everyone she meets because of a series of murders committed in the area.

The Weird Circle 43 7 15 The House And The Brain

A couple learns of a haunted house, and the wife insists on going to see it. The couple decide to spend the night, even after the old housek…


The short-lived Summer 1946 program, Intrigue, promised "Tales of Espionage, Manhunts and High Adventure," hosted by--and starring…

Molle Mystery Theater 45 10 05 Angel Face

A ruthless woman and her accomplice poison a man they believe embezzled $20,000 dollars, and bury him alive, but when they return home, the …

The House Of Mystery 47 08 03 A Gift From The Dead

A woman is terrified her husband who died a year ago, has returned.

A Man Called X 1952 02 26 A Ton of Dynamite

Mister X is assigned to stop the sabotage of the construction of an important waterway in Venezuela.

Have Gun, Will Travel 59 02 08 Killer's Widow

Paladin is hired to recover $30,000 stolen from a bank by an outlaw he was forced to kill 2 months before.

Inner Sanctum 43 03 07 The Black Sea Gull

Peter Lorre stars as a man whose wife is fatally injured in a boating accident, and before she dies she promises to return. He insists she w…

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