Nautical & Marine Fiction

Dog-Watches At Sea

Read by Peter Kelleher

Stanton Henry King

Stanton H. King was from Barbados and followed his brothers to sea at the age of twelve in 1880. He spent only twelve years at sea for reaso…

The Mirror of the Sea

Read by Peter Kelleher

Joseph Conrad

The Mirror of the Sea (collection of autobiographical essays first published in various magazines 1904-6), 1906 (Summary from Wikipedia)

A Cruise in an Opium Clipper

Read by David Wales

Lindsay Anderson

Eamont was an opium clipper built in Cowes. It was the subject of an 1891 book, A cruise in an opium clipper, by Captain Lindsay Anderson. …

The Shadow-Line

Read by Expatriate

Joseph Conrad

Dedicated to the author's son who was wounded in World War 1, The Shadow-Line is a short novel based at sea by Joseph Conrad; it is one of h…

Pocket Island

Read by Roger Melin

Charles Clark Munn

Along the coast of Maine are littered thousands of small islands. One such, named 'Pocket Island' by the locals was so called because of a p…

Pirates of Panama

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Alexandre Exquemelin

This volume was originally written in Dutch by John Esquemeling, and first published in Amsterdam in 1678 under the title of De Americaenech…

Flood Tide

Read by Roger Melin

Sara Ware Bassett

Willie Spence may have been a bit eccentric by most standards, but he had a knack for creating gadgets in his small workshop at his home on …

Fighting the Whales

Read by Lee Elliott

R. M. Ballantyne

A fatherless boy joins the crew of a whaling ship in order to earn a living for himself and his mother. Beyond being a fascinating depiction…

El huésped secreto

Read by Victor Villarraza

Joseph Conrad

La historia de El huésped secreto se abre con una minuciosa descripción del momento previo a la partida, del instante en que e…

Man Overboard

Read by Roger Melin

Francis Marion Crawford

Peculiar happenings aboard the schooner Helen B. Jackson when one night during a storm, the small crew found themselves diminished by one. S…

The Wreck of the Golden Mary

Read by James E. Carson

Charles Dickens

A short story of a ship wreck in 1851 trying to round Cape Horn on its way to the California gold fields. Poignant and well written. ( Summa…

Janet of the Dunes

Read by Roger Melin

Harriet Theresa Comstock

Known primarily for her children's books, Harriet T. Comstock would occasionally depart from that genre and showcase her writing talent in a…

The Trawler

Read by Roger Melin

James Brendan Connolly

The Trawler is a short story revolving around the trying life of a group of bank fishermen based in Gloucester. Skipper Hugh Glynn worked hi…


Read by Betsie Bush

Sarah Orne Jewett

Sarah Orne Jewett is best known for her clean and clear descriptive powers that at once elevate common-place daily events to something remar…

The Sea-Witch

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Maturin Murray Ballou

Maturin Murray Ballou was the author of dozens of books, chiefly centered around his extensive sea travel. He was deputy navy-agent in the B…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

William Clark Russell

We meet Miss Lucretia Lane as she is dressing for her marriage to Captain Francis Reynolds of the British Merchant Service. Though he loves …

The Watchman and Other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Lucy Maud Montgomery

While L. M. Montgomery is better known for her novels, such as Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon, she also wrote hundreds of poems.…

Peter Simple

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Frederick Marryat

Peter Simple, 'the fool of the family', son of a parson but heir presumptive to a title, goes to sea as midshipman during the Napoleonic war…

Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts (version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Frank R. Stockton

Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts is a non-fiction, rollicking story of the origins of piracy and of the famous pirates of the coasts of …

Up the River

Read by Stevan Simmons

Oliver Optic and William Taylor Adams

Up the River is the sixth and last of "The Great Western Series." The events of the story occur on the coast of Florida, in the Gu…

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