White Flag

Vineyard Community Church

Surrendering in war usually signifies defeat, failure, and loss. But what if the only way to win the battles we fight every day is to quit? …



Who Loved Me And Gave Himself For Me

Shoalhaven Gospel Church

A sermon given by Angus Fisher of the Shoalhaven Gospel Church in Nowra, New South Wales, Australia

Who or What is Satan?

Pastor J. John Fisher

Who or What is Satan? is an extensive investigation into Lucifer that begins by defining his name Satan-el ("adversary of God") in…

Who was King James?

Pastor J. John Fisher

Who was King James? allows Obadiah 1:18 of The Christian Identity Forum to provide historical background into the person of King James himse…

Why Church 2020 10 18


Why Church? 18/10/20 Scott Little Ephesians 2

Why Church Part 1



Why Did My Savior Come To Earth? - Luke 2:22-32

Orangeburg Church of Christ

12/18/22 a.m. sermon In this season of the year when there is so much anticipation for the celebration of Christmas, we pause to be reminded…

Why Do You Question Jesus in Your Heart?" and "God's Hand, God's Wor

Pastor Chris Huff

Two sermons from Pastor Chris Huff of Grace Baptist Church in Nokomis, IL Listen to more sermons from Pastor Chris Huff

Wibhajjawada mp3

Ven kothmale kumarakassapa thero

විභජ්ජවාද (බෙදා වෙන්කර පෙන්වීම)   කොත්මලේ කුමාර කස්සප හිමි


Sermons of Harold Wildish - Missionary

Peter-John Parisis

Sermons of Harold Wildish - Missionary

Will You See The Big Picture 04 24 22

Pastor Randy McKinney

Hope WK 2 Will you see the Big picture ?





เสียงอ่านหนังสือ วิมุติมรรค โดย หลวงพ่อปราโมทย์ ปาโมชฺโช สวนสันติธรรม ศรีราชา อ่านโดย พระอาจารย์กฤช นิมฺมโล สถานีวิทยุสังฆทานธรรม คลื่น FM 8…


Wisdom In A Divided World

New City Church of LA

sermon from New City Church of LA

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