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Bohemian San Francisco

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Clarence Edgar Edwords

While describing his dining experiences throughout "Bohemian San Francisco," Clarence Edwords paints an historic panorama of Calif…

Ten Days in the Light of Acca

Read by Nicholas James Bridgewater

Julia M. Grundy

This work is the story of a pilgrimage made over a hundred years ago by a group of American pilgrims. They were not headed for Canterbury, R…

In the North Woods of Maine

Read by KevinS

Elmer Erwin Thomas

Two fifteen-year-old boys---the younger of whom may have been fourteen---decide to hunt and trap away from home in the north woods of Maine.…

An English Girl's First Impressions of Burmah

Read by Carol Fullerton-Samsel

Beth Ellis

An English Girl's First Impressions of Burmah, by Beth Ellis, is a well-edited, turn-of-the-century journal documenting a young woman’s visi…

History of New Brunswick

Read by Roger Melin

Peter Fisher

Originally published in 1825 under the title: Sketches of New Brunswick : containing an account of the first settlement of the province, wit…

Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

By the time Mark Twain worked as a roving reporter for the Sacramento Union, he had held positions with other newspapers in Nevada and Calif…

Under The Sky In California

Read by David Wales

Charles Francis Saunders

This is a 1913 travelogue by a then-well-known botanist who wrote many books about the American Southwest and California in particular. This…

The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 03

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

National Geographic Society

National Geographic Magazine Volume 3, articles published in 1891 and 1892. South America: Annual Address by the President, Gardiner G. …

Travels in Lancashire

Read by Phil Benson

Various,William Roscoe

A collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry on travels in Lancashire, England, with occasional sorties into adjacent counties. - Summary…

The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 02 No. 1-2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

National Geographic Society

National Geographic Magazine Volume 2 Number 1 April 1890.: * On the Telegraphic Determinations of Longitude by the Bureau of Navigation …

Letters to a Friend, Written to Mrs. Ezra S. Carr, 1866-1879

Read by Paul Fleischman

John Muir

When John Muir was a student in the University of Wisconsin he was a frequent caller at the house of Dr. Ezra S. Carr. The kindness shown hi…

British Highways And Byways From A Motor Car

Read by Christine Blachford

Thomas Dowler Murphy

In this chronicle of a summer's motoring in Britain I have not attempted a guide-book in any sense, yet the maps, together with the comments…

The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 04

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Magazine Volume 4, articles published in 1892 and 1893. The Evolution of Commerce: Annual Address by the President…

Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan: First Series

Read by mlcui

Lafcadio Hearn

Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan is a collection of essays by Lafcadio Hearn detailing his first impressions of the country he found so fascinat…

In Seven Stages: A Flying Trip Around the World by Elizabeth Bisland

Read by Holly Jenson

Elizabeth Bisland

In November 1889, the New York World announced that it was sending its reporter Nellie Bly around the world, in a bid to beat Phileas Fogg's…

Mountain Adventures in the Various Countries of the World

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

John Timbs

Mountains have always been fascinating as places of special adventure. This book. first published in 1869, collects true stories of real-lif…

The Sea and the Jungle

Read by Tatiana Chichilla

Henry Major Tomlinson

Considered one of the greatest travel narratives, The Sea and the Jungle is H.M. Tomlinson's firsthand account of the first journey of an En…

Diversions in Sicily

Read by R. S. Steinberg

Henry Festing Jones

Samuel Butler's biographer dedicates his urbane account of the culture and entertainments of rural Sicily to the unborn son of his guide to …

The Itinerary of John Leland in or About the Years 1535-1543

Read by Phil Benson

John Leland

John Leland's 'Itinerary' was the product of several journeys around England and Wales undertaken between 1538 and 1543. The manuscript is m…

Three Days On The Ohio River

Read by David Wales

William A Alcott and William A. Alcott

This 1854 narration of a trip upon the Ohio River in a steamboat from Cincinnati to Pittsburg gives a picture of travel in a different time…

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