Writing & Linguistics

Stories That Words Tell Us

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Elizabeth O'Neill

A history of English words, written for younger readers. Parental advisory: the text was published in 1918 and includes some ethnicity term…

The Ordeal of Mark Twain (Version 2)

Read by John Greenman

Van Wyck Brooks

The Ordeal of Mark Twain analyzes the literary progression of Samuel L. Clemens and attributes shortcomings to Clemens' mother and wife. The…

Очерки о национализме. Essays on Nationalism

Read by Mark Chulsky

Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Ze'Ev Jabotinsky

Collection of essays on the subject of interactions between nations. This is a supplement to the "Jews and Russia" LibriVox projec…

The Writings of Samuel Adams, Volume 2

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Samuel Adams

Most Americans and many of other nationalities have heard of Samuel Adams. He was regarded in the Pre-Revolutionary Period of American Histo…

008 The Marilynne Robinson Interview

Sheridan Voysey

An interview with Pulitzer Prize- winning author Marilynne Robinson


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Mary Elizabeth Brown

Dedications is an anthology of the forms used from the earliest days of book-making to the present time. My purpose in the following antholo…

За македонцките работи

Read by AnaNaumoska

Krste Petkov Misirkov

„За Македонцките работи“ е најзначајното дело напишано од еден од најголемите македонисти и национални дејци - Крсте Петков Мисирков, а печа…

How Author Beth Moran Broke Her Life of Silence

Sheridan Voysey

Imagine dropping grades in exams because your pen ran out of ink and you couldn’t ask for a replacement. Imagine hiding from friends you saw…

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