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The Sins of Hollywood

Read by Chuck Williamson

Ed Roberts

Exacerbated by several high-profile Hollywood scandals, a wave of anti-Hollywood rhetoric tried to paint the movie capital as a veritable ho…

Hollywood: Its Morals and Manners

Read by Chuck Williamson

Theodore Dreiser

Serialized in Shadowland from November 1921 to February 1922, Hollywood: Its Morals and Manners is Theodore Dreiser's shocking four part exp…

My Trip Abroad

Read by Chuck Williamson

Charlie Chaplin

"A steak and kidney pie, influenza and a cablegram. There is the triple alliance that is responsible for the whole thing."So begin…

The Eyes of the Movie

Read by Chuck Williamson

Harry Alan Potamkin

"The movie was born in the laboratory and reared in the counting-house. It is a benevolent monster of four I's: Inventor, Investor, Imp…

The Rise and Fall of Free Speech in America

Read by Chuck Williamson

D. W. Griffith

The Rise and Fall of Free Speech in America was D.W. Griffith's first response to the attacks made on The Birth of a Nation. In it he played…

The Half-Breed: A Tale of the Western Frontier

Read by Chuck Williamson

Walt Whitman

Published anonymously in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (with an earlier draft also appearing as “Arrow-Tip” in The Aristidean), The Half-Breed: A…

Told Under a White Oak Tree

Read by Chuck Williamson

William S. Hart

An inside look into the wild world of silent movie cowboy William S. Hart... as narrated by his horse! This is a fascinating (if fictionaliz…

Ornaments in Jade

Read by Chuck Williamson

Arthur Machen

Ornaments in Jade is a collection of short narrative experiments from Arthur Machen, with ten dreamlike tales that are equal parts enigmatic…

Arqtiq: A Study of the Marvels at the North Pole

Read by Chuck Williamson

Anna Adolph

Described by author Liza Daly as a "strange masterpiece of outsider art," Arqtiq is a bizarre, borderline hallucinatory work of fe…

Rondah, or Thirty-Three Years in a Star

Read by Chuck Williamson

Florence Carpenter Dieudonné

A bizarre and exuberant work of pure imagination, Rondah, or, Thirty-Three Years in a Star tells the story of a ragtag group of space explor…

The Intermediate Sex: A Study of Some Transitional Types of Men and Women

Read by Chuck Williamson

Edward Carpenter

Written in 1908 by socialist critic and gay rights activist Edward Carpenter, The Intermediate Sex is a thoughtful, humanizing, and frequent…

The Garden God: A Tale of Two Boys

Read by Chuck Williamson

Forrest Reid

The Garden God: A Tale of Two Boys is Forrest Reid’s tender, bracingly tragic reflection on adolescence, pantheism, Platonism, and homoeroti…

The Golden Book of Springfield

Read by Chuck Williamson

Vachel Lindsay

The Golden Book of Springfield is American poet Vachel Lindsay's strange and mystical odyssey through the Springfield, Illinois of 2018, whe…

An Anglo-American Alliance: A Serio-Comic Romance and Forecast of the Future

Read by Chuck Williamson

Gregory Casparian

Described by io9 as “the first lesbian science fiction novel,” An Anglo-American Alliance is a quasi-farcical tale of love, transformation, …

The Black Riders and Other Lines (Version 2)

Read by Chuck Williamson

Stephen Crane

Written in a purgative frenzy of pure imagination (“They came, and I wrote them, that’s all”), Stephen Crane’s The Black Riders and Other Li…

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In Born Again

Read by Chuck Williamson

Alfred Lawson

"I doubt that anyone who reads [Born Again] will ever forget it: it is quite singularly bad, with long indigestible rants against the e…