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In the Garden of Delight

Read by Katie Bond

Lily Hammond

This novel is narrated in the first person and revolves around a character named Lil (somewhat autobiographical of the author) and the dynam…

The Other Side of A Mirror

In Short Poetry Collection 209

Read by Katie Bond

Mary Coleridge

This is a collection of 64 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for October 2020. October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this …

Chapter 13

In My Actor-Husband

Read by Katie Bond


In presenting this autobiography to the public, the author feels it incumbent upon herself to impress upon her readers the fidelity and stri…

Pt 1 Ch 4: Marjorie

In The Uttermost Star, and Other Gleams of Fancy

Read by Katie Bond

Frank W. Boreham

Frank Boreham was a well known preacher who served in England, Australia, and New Zealand. He published dozens of books and thousands of edi…

On the Birth of a Child, by Louis Untermeyer

In Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1913

Read by Katie Bond

William Stanley Braithwaite

William Stanley Braithwaite, a talented poet in his own right, was most notable for his anthologies of poetry including these annual collect…