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Queen Victoria

Read by Michele Eaton

E. Gordon Browne

This book is about the life of Queen Victoria (1819 to 1901). All nine of her children married into the royal houses of Europe. She became t…


Read by Michele Eaton

H. Rider Haggard

Beatrice is a lonely twenty-two year old woman. After saving Geoffrey's life, they fall in love. However, Geoffrey is married. In addition, …

And So They Were Married

Read by Michele Eaton

Florence Morse Kingsley

This is the story of Elizabeth North, a young woman who becomes engaged and with the aid of a social climbing friend begins to plan her wedd…

The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless, Vol. 3

Read by Michele Eaton

Eliza Haywood

Betsy Thoughtless is about marriage, rather than dealing with courtship and thus differs from the type of domestic writing that would develo…

The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless, Vol. 2

Read by Michele Eaton

Eliza Haywood

This has been said to be the first female development novel in English. Betsy leaves her emotionally and financially abusive husband Munden …

The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless, Vol. 4

Read by Michele Eaton

Eliza Haywood

Betsy Thoughtless is about an intelligent and strong-willed woman who marries under pressure from the society in which she lives. Betsy lear…

Love Eternal

Read by Michele Eaton

H. Rider Haggard

This follows the story of Godfrey and Isobel and their relationship as they grow up. - Summary by Michele Eaton

Oliver's Bride

Read by Michele Eaton

Margaret O. Oliphant

Betrothed to one woman but married to another whose heart will be broken. Summary by Michele Eaton

Section 5

In Celebrated Crimes, Vol. 4: Part 3: Nisida (version 2)

Read by Michele Eaton

Alexandre Dumas

Dumas, with the assistance of several friends, compiled Celebrated Crimes, an eight-volume collection of essays on famous criminals and crim…

Dramatis Personae

In What Katy Did at School (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Read by Michele Eaton

Susan Coolidge

Following Katy's recovery in What Katy Did, Katy and Clover go to Hillsover, a boarding school. Together with their new friend Rosamond Redd…

Chapter LVI

In The Deluge Volume 2

Read by Michele Eaton

Henryk Sienkiewicz

The Deluge (Polish: Potop) is a historical novel by the Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz, published in 1886. It is the second volume of a th…

A SMILING PARADOX - by John Kendrick Bangs

In It Can Be Done

Read by Michele Eaton


This book contains many poems of inspiration, joy and hope. Just the thing to encourage our spirits and strengthen our backbone when troubl…

28 - The Emperor's New Clothes

In The Book of Stories for the Storyteller

Read by Michele Eaton

Fanny Coe

This group project is a collection of 43 fairy tales (both old and new), folk lore, myths and real life stories by a variety of authors, bro…

Baseball Practice

In Rival Pitchers of Oakdale

Read by Michele Eaton

Morgan Scott

Play Ball!!! It's the start of another baseball season at Oakdale Academy. But there is a rivalry brewing between the pitchers. One wants to…

The Magic Horse: The Arabian Nights

In The Treasure Chest of My Bookhouse

Read by Michele Eaton

Olive Beaupre Miller and Variousandolive Beaupre Miller

Full of delightful fairy tales, charming poems and engaging stories, this is the fourth volume of the "My Bookhouse" series for li…