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02 Canto Second

In Harold the Dauntless

Read by Nathan

Sir Walter Scott

Harold the Dauntless is a rhymed, romantic, narrative-poem by Sir Walter Scott. Written in 1817, it weaves together elements of popular Engl…

William and Helen

In Translations & Imitations of German Ballads

Read by Nathan

Sir Walter Scott

The narrative poems in this collection are written by Sir Walter Scott - the well-known Scottish poet and novelist. Each of these five poems…

15 - Book 5, pt 3 - The rudeness of the early life of men. The invention of spe…

In On the Nature of Things (Watson translation)

Read by Nathan

Titus Lucretius Carus

Written in the first century b.C., On the Nature of Things (in Latin, De Rerum Natura) is a poem in six books that aims at explaining the Ep…


In The Lays of Ancient Rome

Read by Nathan

Thomas Babington Macaulay

The Lays of Ancient Rome comprise four narrative poems comprised by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay: recalling popular episodes from Roman hi…

1 - Tristram and Iseult Part 1: Tristram

In Tristram and Iseult & Sohrab and Rustum

Read by Nathan

Matthew Arnold

Tristam & Iseult is a narrative poem containing strong romantic and tragic themes: and was first published in 1852 by Matthew Arnold. Th…

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