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Marge Askinforit

Read by Nigel Boydell

Barry Pain

A rollicking parody of the Margot Asquith memoirs, in which Pain's character, Marge, beguiles us with the most personal details of her dysfu…


Read by Nigel Boydell

Barry Pain

A gentle, yet deliciously humourous series of brief anecdotes, that follow the mundane, though surprisingly hazard strewn lives of our rathe…

Bob the Castaway

Read by Nigel Boydell

Frank V. Webster

Frank V Webster was a pseudonym controlled by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, the first book packager of books aimed at children. This pseudonym …

Biltmore Oswald

Read by Nigel Boydell

J. Thorne Smith, Jr.

The hilarious diary of a young man's recruitment into, and service in a navy, which, though well equipped and disciplined, remains woefully …

If Winter Don't

Read by Nigel Boydell

Barry Pain

Barry Pain's parody takes a sharp knife to ASM Hutchinson's best selling novel 'If Winter Comes'.We follow the professional and marital decl…

Song. On May Morning

In Short Poetry Collection 097

Read by Nigel Boydell

John Milton (1608-1674) and John Milton

This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for June 2011.


In A Fair Barbarian

Read by Nigel Boydell

Frances Hodgson Burnett

The setting is a small English village in the 19th century. When her niece shows up on her doorstep unexpectedly, a quiet spinster finds her…


In Dark Hollow

Read by Nigel Boydell

Anna Katharine Green

The small town of Shelby is shaken by a brutal murder. A man by the name of Etheridge was found beaten to death. A local inn-keeper, is conv…

09 – We Sight the Strange Craft Again

In The Ghost Ship

Read by Nigel Boydell

John C. Hutcheson

This book intentionally veers in and out of the supernatural, as the title implies. The officers get more and more bewildered as they work o…