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Kitty's Enemy: Or, The Boy Next Door

Read by Rachel Tevis

Eleanora H. Stooke

This is the story of 10-year-old Kitty Glanville and her feud with Tim Shuttleworth, the young boy who lives next door to her family. Throug…

Aunt Milly's Diamonds

Read by Rachel Tevis

Ruth Lamb

An elderly woman tells her grandchildren an old family story on Christmas Eve. - Summary by Rachel Tevis

All That Happened in a Week

Read by Rachel Tevis

Jane Helen Findlater

Precocious eight-year-old Peggy Roberts has many misadventures over the span of a week while visiting her Aunt Euphemia. - Summary by Rachel…

Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens

Read by Rachel Tevis

Laura Rountree Smith

Three little kittens unwisely leave their mittens on the bank of the pond when they go ice-skating one day, and they return to find the mitt…