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Uncanny Stories

Read by Rhiannon Damon

May Sinclair

May Sinclair’s Uncanny Stories is a collection of short stories filled with macabre, romantic, and Gothic themes. Enjoy tales of love and lo…

The Man's Woman: Womanly

In The Future of the Women's Movement

Read by Rhiannon Damon

Helena Swanwick

"There may seem to be a disappointing lack of prophesy in a book avowedly dealing with the future; but since I believe the women’s move…

The Wives of Caligula (Junia Claudilla, Livia Orestilla, Milonia Caesonia)

In The Empresses of Rome

Read by Rhiannon Damon

Joseph Martin McCabe and Joseph Martin Mccabe

The story of Imperial Rome has been told frequently and impressively in our literature, and few chapters in the long chronicle of man’s deed…

In Search Of #6

Read by Damon Timm

Damon Timm

In Search of #6 is the story of the trials and trails of a man, a best friend, two bicycles, three states, four dispersed campsites, five ti…

Arthur Wragg: Pacifist Polemics in Black and White

In Design for War and Peace: 2014 Annual Design History Society Conference

Read by Damon Taylor


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