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Chapter 1 - The Author Starts for Berlin on a Motor-cycle and Finds Himself Pre…

In The Daredevil of the Army - Experiences as a ''Buzzer'' and Despatch Rider

Read by Steve C

Austin Patrick Corcoran

At just twenty-six years of age, the author – A P Corcoran had already led an adventurous life, having twice sailed around the world, experi…

Derido, or, The Giant's Quilt

In The Floating Prince and Other Fairy Tales

Read by Steve C

Frank R. Stockton

This is a collection of original and interesting fairy tales. We have here princes and princesses, pirates, wizards, and all the other ingre…

Pickles - Part 1

In The Complete Confectioner

Read by Steve C

Hannah Glasse

The original version of Hannah Glasse’s ‘The Complete Confectioner’ was first produced about 1760 but the publication referenced here is fro…

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