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In the Heart of Africa

Read by Steven Seitel

Samuel White Baker

A wonderfully readable condensation of two of Baker's earlier, longer works recounting his self-sponsored expeditions into the Dark Continen…

California Desert Trails

Read by Steven Seitel

Joseph Smeaton Chase

"I fell an easy prey to the beckonings of the other principal feature of California's topography, the dreamy, dreary desert. Long ago, …

The North West Passage -The Gjöa Expedition 1903-1907 (Volume II)

Read by Steven Seitel

Roald Amundsen

Volume II of Roald Amundsen's The Northwest Passage. Roald Amundsen and six hearty seafarers in the tiny sloop Gjöa are the first to ma…

Peaks of Shala

Read by Steven Seitel

Rose Wilder Lane

This book was published in 1923. From the author's own Introduction: "I would not have this book considered too seriously. It is not an…

In Quest of El Dorado

Read by Steven Seitel

Stephen Graham

Lively (and often unsparing) descriptions of the people, places, and customs that the author encounters as he attempts to retrace the steps …

The Lost Oases

Read by Steven Seitel

Ahmed Hassanein

This book was published in 1925. Oxford-educated Egyptian diplomat and geographic explorer, Hassanein Bey (Ahmad Muhammad Hassanayn), with t…

The Wild North Land, The Story of a Winter Journey with Dogs across Northern No…

Read by Steven Seitel

William Francis Butler

This book was published in 1910.Not only do Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun, but it seems that sometimes they venture into…

From Pole to Pole: A Book for Young People

Read by Steven Seitel

Sven Hedin

This book was first published in 1912. It is a simplified English translation of the author's Från pol till pol: genom Asien och Europ…

Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central America

Read by Steven Seitel

Richard Harding Davis

In the 1890's, three American adventurers in search of warmer weather explore Central and South American cities by steamship and on horsebac…

In the Wake of the Buccaneers

Read by Steven Seitel

Alpheus Hyatt Verrill

Ah, the Buccaneers... “We hear much of the bold, wild ways of these adventurers; Perchance it is the fact that we all appreciate bravery—and…

The Story of Geographical Discovery: How the World Became Known

Read by Steven Seitel

Joseph Jacobs

This book was first published in 1897. It's a short work, but it encompasses a vast subject—nothing less than determining the detailed geogr…

02 Mexican Mormon Colonies

In In the Land of Cave and Cliff Dwellers

Read by Steven Seitel

Frederick Schwatka

An adventurer and explorer of no mean repute, Lieutenant Frederick Schwatka leads an expedition by mule train into the forbidding Sierra Mad…

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