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A Tame Rook

In Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 080

Read by Sue Anderson

Geroge Menzies Lambrick

Twenty short nonfiction works chosen by the readers. "Not one of us actually thinks for himself, or in any orderly and scientific manne…

07 - Chapter VII

In Afloat on the Ohio

Read by Sue Anderson

Reuben Gold Thwaites

Afloat on the Ohio, An Historical Pilgrimage, of a Thousand Miles in a Skiff, From Redstone to Cairo.There were four of us pilgrims—my Wife,…

A Happy Hour's Command --- Sources of Character-Results-1860

In Specimen Days

Read by Sue Anderson

Walt Whitman

Specimen Days is essentially the great American poet Walt Whitman's scrap book. It documents most of his life's adventures, especially his e…

01 - The Feel of the Outdoors; How We Found Mojave

In The White Heart of Mojave

Read by Sue Anderson

Edna Brush Perkins

"The White Heart of the Mojave" recounts a 1920's adventure "in the wind and sun and big spaces" of Death Valley by two …


In Rough Notes Taken During Some Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the An…

Read by Sue Anderson

Francis Bond Head

“Galloped on with no stopping, but merely to change horses until five o’clock in the evening—very tired indeed, but . . . saw fresh horses i…

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