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A Captivity of Nearly Three Years Among the Savages of Nootka Sound

Read by Sue Anderson

John R. Jewitt

John Jewitt (1783-1821), a blacksmith by trade, spent the years 1803-1806 as a slave among the Nuu-chah-nulth people of Nootka Sound, off t…

Reminiscences of a Southern Hospital, by Its Matron

Read by Sue Anderson

Phoebe Yates Pember

Phoebe Yates Pember served as a matron in the Confederate Chimborazo military hospital in Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War, overseei…

The White Heart of Mojave

Read by Sue Anderson

Edna Brush Perkins

"The White Heart of the Mojave" recounts a 1920's adventure "in the wind and sun and big spaces" of Death Valley by two …

Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman

Read by Sue Anderson

Sarah Hopkins Bradford

A portrait of Harriet Tubman is scheduled to replace that of Andrew Jackson on the front of the U.S. $20 bill in 2020. Sarah H. Bradford, w…

The Land of Little Rain

Read by Sue Anderson

Mary Hunter Austin

The Land of Little Rain is a book of sketches which portray the high desert country of southern California, where the Sierras descend into t…

Five Years of My Life 1894-1899

Read by Sue Anderson

Alfred Dreyfus

Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish captain in the French Army was court martialed in 1894 on a trumped up charge of treason and condemned to life impr…

Our Journey to Sinai

Read by Sue Anderson

Agnes Von Blomberg Bensly

Fortress-walled Saint Catherine's monastery on the Sinai peninsula has been a pilgrimage site since its founding by the Byzantine Emperor Ju…

From Plotzk to Boston

Read by Sue Anderson

Mary Antin

An intensely personal account of the immigration experience as related by a young Jewish girl from Plotzk (a town in the government of Viteb…

First Successful Ascent of Mt. Rainier, 1870

Read by Sue Anderson

Hazard Stevens

Hazard Stevens and P.B. Van Trump, aided by the Indian guide Sluiskin, made the first documented successful ascent of Mt. Rainier on August …

My Mother and I

Read by Sue Anderson

Elizabeth Gertrude Stern

Elizabeth Stern was two and a half years old, when her family emigrated from Poland to Pittsburgh. My Mother and I is the story of Stern's A…

On the Trail of Don Quixote, Being a Record of Rambles in the Ancient Province …

Read by Sue Anderson

August F. Jaccaci

On the Trail of Don Quixote is an engaging 1890’s “record of rambles in the Ancient Province of La Mancha” by two artist friends, French aut…

The Adventures of a Nature Guide

Read by Sue Anderson

Enos A. Mills

Enos Mills (1870-1922 ), naturalist and conservationist, was instrumental in the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park. Like his mentor…

The Friendly Road, New Adventures in Contentment

Read by Sue Anderson

Ray Stannard Baker

My grandmother Gertrude received a copy of The Friendly Road for Christmas in 1919. It must have been a special gift book--green leather bin…

The Desert, Further Studies in Natural Appearances

Read by Sue Anderson

John Charles Van Dyke

The Desert by John Charles Van Dyke, published in 1901, is a lush, poetic description of the natural beauty of the American Southwest. "…

Dallam's Travels with an Organ to the Grand Signieur, 1599-1600

Read by Sue Anderson

Thomas Dallam

Queen Elizabeth the First of England, the Grand Turk at Constantinople, and an organ builder named Thomas Dallam—quite a trio. In 1599, E…

Rough Notes Taken During Some Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the An…

Read by Sue Anderson

Francis Bond Head

“Galloped on with no stopping, but merely to change horses until five o’clock in the evening—very tired indeed, but . . . saw fresh horses i…

An American in the Making, the Life Story of an Immigrant

Read by Sue Anderson

Marcus Eli Ravage

“The sweat-shop was for me the cradle of liberty. . . It was my first university.” Attending lectures and the New York theatre at night; by …

Travels to Oaxaca

Read by Sue Anderson

Nicolas-Joseph Thiéry De Menonville and Nicolas-Joseph Thiéry de Menonville

Botanical Piracy! A French botanist plots to steal red dye cochineal insects from Spanish Mexico and transplant them and their cacti hosts …

The Soul of an Immigrant

Read by Sue Anderson

Constantine Panunzio

Constantine Panunzio (1884-1964) begins his autobiography by describing his childhood in Molfetta, Italy. At age 13, he left home as a sailo…


Read by Sue Anderson

Cecil Warburton

The mental capacity of spiders; web architecture; spiders that live under water, even though they need air to breath; spiders that mimic ant…

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