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The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service

Read by Tom Clifton

James R. Driscoll

The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service is a boys adventure story set in WWI - Three College Chums join the military and face the perils of s…

A Visit To Some Country Snobs

In The Book of Snobs

Read by Tom Clifton

W M Thackeray and William Makepeace Thackeray

The necessity of a work on Snobs, demonstrated from History, and proved by felicitous illustrations:—I am the individual destined to write t…

Ch 5: Up the River of Tapirs pt 1

In Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Read by Tom Clifton

Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt's popular book Through the Brazilian Wilderness describes his expedition into the Brazilian jungle in 1913 as a member of the Roos…

Chapter 27 - The Dachshund

In Dogs and All About Them

Read by Tom Clifton

Robert Leighton

This comprehensive guide on dog-rearing looks at dogs as more than just pets - as people's best friends. The author describes each breed of …