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Vinzi: A Story of the Swiss Alps

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Johanna Spyri

At 12 years old, Vinzi's only desire is to study his beloved music. But his father wants to make a farmer of him, and is displeased whenever…

Pt 3 Ch 2 A Tonic of Big Things

In The Luggage of Life

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Frank W. Boreham

This collection contains 32 essays by the respected Baptist preacher Frank Boreham. Writing on topics that range from falling in love to eat…

A Ballad of Soap

In Dagonet Ditties

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

George R. Sims

George Robert Sims was an English journalist, poet, dramatist, novelist, prolific in his output and known for his satire and humor. These q…

No Time Like the Old Time

In Short Poetry Collection 204

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

This is a collection of 54 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for May 2020.

In the Red Sea

In Unprofessional Tales

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Norman Douglas

A collection of stories exploring the psychological and paranormal, some stories bordering on the macabre. - Summary by Luke Castle

The Legend of the River

In Love Stories Volume 1

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Maud Hudnut Chapin

Here are 20 love stories under an hour each, covering all kinds of experiences involving romantic or other kinds of love resulting in heartb…

The Ship from Tirnanoge by Emily Hickey

In The Book of Irish Poetry, part I

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Varioustranslated Byalfred Perceval Graves

Edited and largely translated into English by Alfred Perceval Graves, this book contains a remarkably large collection of Irish poetry. This…

Book Three, Chapter II

In Corporal Cameron of the North West Mounted Police - A Tale of the Macleod Trail

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Ralph Connor

Cameron, a young man from Edinburgh, is a university student who is a rising star on the football team. When the big day comes and he nearly…

The Village Street

In The Complete Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Edgar Allan Poe

In placing before the public this collection of Edgar Poe's poetical works, it is requisite to point out in what respects it differs from, a…

The Passing of Princess Kaiulani

In Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 073

Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Twenty short nonfiction works chosen by the readers. "Salve! ye dumb hearts. Let us be still and wait by the roadside." With these…