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James Watt

Read by Bill Boerst

Andrew Carnegie

This biography of the inventor James Watt covers his early years, successes and failures, and legacy. (Summary by Bill Boerst)


Read by Bill Boerst

Leo Tolstoy

Youth is the third in Tolstoy's trilogy of three autobiographical novels, including Childhood and Boyhood, published in a literary journal d…


Read by Bill Boerst

Leo Tolstoy

Boyhood is the second in Tolstoy's trilogy of three autobiographical novels, including Childhood and Youth, published in a literary journal …

ABC of Vegetable Gardening

Read by Bill Boerst

Eben Eugene Rexford

This how-to book includes chapters on getting ready, mapping the garden, planting, seeds, early work, house plants, fruits, hot beds and col…

The Dixie Book of Days

Read by Bill Boerst

Page Andrews

The author used a yearly calendar to focus on pieces written by Southern authors. Many of these writers are little known, having created for…

Astounding Stories 14, February 1931

Read by Bill Boerst

Captain S. P. Meek

This issue includes "Werewolves of War" by D. W. Hall, "The Tentacles from Below" by Anthony Gilmore, "The Black La…

Astounding Stories 12, December 1930

Read by Bill Boerst

Captain S. P. Meek

This issue includes "Slaves of the Dust" by Sophie Wenzel Ellis, Part B of "The Pirate Planet" by Charles W. Diffin, &qu…

The Verbalist

Read by Bill Boerst

Alfred Ayres

Osmun arranges usage problems alphabetically and treats certain areas in greater detail as he sees fit. For example, his first entry is A-AN…

Our Knowledge Box

Read by Bill Boerst

George Blackie

This practical guide to solving all sorts of problems includes secrets and discoveries covering the Liquor Trade, Druggists' Aids, Manufactu…

Astounding Stories 13, January 1931

Read by Bill Boerst

Sewell Peaslee Wright

This issue contains "The Dark Side of Antri" by Sewell Peaslea Wright, "The Sunken Empire" by H. Thompson Rich, "Th…

Stories from Virgil

Read by Bill Boerst

Alfred John Church

Alfred J. Church created 26 stories from the original Greek version of Virgil's Aeneid. He included well-known ones, such as "The Horse…


Read by Bill Boerst

Walter W. Bryant

This biography of Johannes Kepler begins with an account of what the world of astronomy was like before his time, then proceeds to a look at…


Read by Bill Boerst

Richard William Church

This investigation of Bacon the scholar and man of letters begins with a look at the early days and progresses to his relationships with Que…

Astounding Stories 17, May 1931

Read by Bill Boerst

Ray Cummings

This issue of the science-fiction magazine includes a novella by Charles W. Diffin titled "Dark Moon" and several short stories, i…

Aaron Trow

Read by Bill Boerst

Anthony Trollope

What is it like to be a fox hunted by hounds? We find out through the senses of an escaped convict as he struggles to free himself from woul…

Life's Enthusiasms

Read by Bill Boerst

David Starr Jordan

The words in this essay on positive thought sing like those in Whitman's "Leaves of Grass." The author praises joyous living and r…

Considerations on Representative Government

Read by Bill Boerst

John Stuart Mill

Mill's volume was published in 1861 as an argument favoring this form of governance. Mill covers what forms of government work best, includi…

John Stuart Mill; His Life and Works

Read by Bill Boerst


This biography is actually a series of essays by prominent personalities of the time that shed light on John Stuart Mill's life and areas of…

George Washington

Read by Bill Boerst

Calista McCabe Courtenay

In this biography for young people, Calista McCabe Courtenay takes the reader from George Washington the surveyor to his early military care…

A Guide to Stoicism

Read by Bill Boerst

St. George William Joseph Stock

This book is a primer on the philosophy of stoicism, resurrected from its origins in Greek and Roman philosophy. The original philosophy was…

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