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The Fate: A Tale of Stirring Times

Read by Lynne T

George Payne Rainsford James

The lot of a younger son was less assured than his older brother in days gone by. It was worse for his descendant, especially if he wanted t…

The Silhouettes by A. T. Quiller-Couch

In International Short Stories Volume 2: English Stories

Read by Lynne T

Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

The second volume of a 3 volume anthology, this work focuses on 'English' short stories, although it includes writers from other parts of th…

01 -Little Cyclone: The Story of a Grizzly Cub, W. T. Hornaday

In The Junior Classics Volume 8: Animal and Nature Stories

Read by Lynne T

William Patten and Variousandwilliam Patten

The eighth book in the Junior Classics Series is an anthology of collected animal and nature tales designed to appeal to the young and young…


In Baltimore Hats

Read by Lynne T

William T. Brigham

It is not impossible that some useful information may be conveyed by this book. Should these pages prove of such service, their cost in labo…

Night the Tenth from 'Ten Nights in a Bar Room'

In LibriVox 10th Anniversary Collection

Read by Lynne T

T. S. Arthur

This year is the 10th anniversary of our beloved LibriVox and to celebrate, readers have found and recorded 100 items with a connection to t…


In The Girls of St. Wode's

Read by Lynne T

L. T. Meade

This is a story about the life of a school girl. The story centres around the girls' college of St. Wode's, Wingfield. This is the place in …

The Visitors Go

In The Making of a Bigot

Read by Lynne T

Rose Macaulay

“How various is man! How multiplied his experience, his outlook, his conclusions!”—H. Belloc. “And every single one of them is right.”—R. K…

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