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Uncle Wiggily and the March Hare

In Uncle Wiggily in Wonderland (Version 2)

Read by Nan Dodge

Howard R. Garis

Uncle Wiggily, the irrepressable flop eared rabbit, has more adventures and this time he goes underground through the strange world of Wonde…

Songs of the Hunt

In Tad Coon's Tricks

Read by Nan Dodge

John Breck

Tad Coon is always in trouble with all his tricks. Follow his adventures with Nibble the Rabbit, Stripe the Skunk, Doctor Muskrat, and his o…

The Selfish Girl

In Something New for my Little Friends

Read by Nan Dodge


This is a collection of stories in verse for children. Published in 1866 by an author only known by the initials F.F., these poems teach chi…

Mamma Stubtail’s Honey Cakes

In Neddie and Beckie Stubtail

Read by Nan Dodge

Howard R. Garis

Follow the adventures and escapades of these delightful bears! There is one story for each day of the month from master story teller H.R. G…

The Pixie's First Task

In It's Your Fairy Tale, You Know

Read by Nan Dodge

Elizabeth Rhodes Jackson

The book is about a typical boy named Wendell, who lives in Boston and likes fairy stories and baseball MUCH more than fractions. Any more t…

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