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The Tales of Mother Goose

Read by Phil Chenevert

Charles Perrault

These stories were the original ones collected by Charles Perrault and published in French in 1696. You may have heard of some of them and …

Queen Zixi of Ix or The Story of the Magic Cloak

Read by Phil Chenevert

L. Frank Baum

L.Frank Baum, or the Wizard of Oz fame, wrote this delightful book and considered it his best of all that he wrote. it tells the story of f…

Bobby in Search of a Birthday (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

Lebbeus Mitchell

Bobby is a little orphan boy of about 5 who discovers he has somehow lost his 'birfhday' and decides to go looking for it. This epic quest …

The Dunwich Horror (Version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

H. P. Lovecraft

Horror stalks the earth. There are many dimensions that coexist with our universe and, unfortunately, overlap it in very special places. T…

The Man Who Hated Mars

Read by Phil Chenevert

Randall Garrett

To escape from Mars, all Clayton had to do was the impossible. Break out of a crack-proof exile camp—get onto a ship that couldn't be boarde…

The Frog Prince and Other Stories (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

Walter Crane

These three stories,The Frog Prince, Princess Belle-Etoile and Alladin, beloved by generations of children, are here retold in a format and …

A Bad Day For Vermin by Keith Laumer

Read by Phil Chenevert

Keith Laumer

For your listening pleasure, here are three stories by the ingenious Keith Laumer from the glorious days of Science Fiction in the early 19…

The Dragon Queen of Jupiter

Read by Phil Chenevert

Leigh Douglass Brackett

The French Foreign legion has been exported to Space as the Space foreign legion. They are fighting now on Jupiter and the natives, led by …

Arms and The Man (Version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

George Bernard Shaw

Arms and the Man is a comedy written by George Bernard Shaw, and was first produced in 1894 and published in 1898, and has become one of the…

A Japanese Boy

Read by Phil Chenevert

Shigemi Shiukichi

The life of a Japanese boy in the late 1800's and early 1900's, told simply and beautifully. This isn't about civilizations and governments,…

Buccaneer of the Star Seas

Read by Phil Chenevert

Edward Earl Repp

A nifty pulp SF story written in 1940 and published in Planet Stories. What would happen if someone found the secret of immortality in 142…

Six Creepy Stories by Edgar Allan Poe

Read by Phil Chenevert

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe has the ability to manipulate language so well that he could engage my imagination and get me terrified even though little w…

The Misplaced Battleship

Read by Phil Chenevert

Harry Harrison

"It might seem a little careless to lose track of something as big as a battleship ... but interstellar space is on a different scale o…

Bill Nye's Funniest Thoughts

Read by Phil Chenevert

Bill Nye

Bill Nye was a famous American humor columnist in the middle 1800's. He said "We can never be a nation of snobs so long as we are willi…

Beyond Lies the Wub & The Skull

Read by Phil Chenevert

Philip K. Dick

Two stories in the inimitable Philip Dick style. What is a Wub? A 400 pound slovenly, fat, ungainly, drooling animal that looks like a cross…

The Machine that Saved the World

Read by Phil Chenevert

Murray Leinster

They were broadcasts from nowhere--sinister emanations flooding in from space--smashing any receiver that picked them up. What defense could…

The Lost Princess of Oz (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

L. Frank Baum

Oh My Goodness !!! Princess Ozma is missing and no one can find her. The whole kingdom of OZ is upset and our heroes must set out to brave …

Pariah Planet

Read by Phil Chenevert

Murray Leinster

When the blue plague appeared on the planet of Dara, fear struck nearby worlds. The fear led to a hate that threatened the lives of million…

Omnilingual (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

H. Beam Piper

This short story was first written and published in the year 1957, as part of a collection of short science fiction stories in the collectio…

The Homely Heroine

Read by Phil Chenevert

Edna Ferber

Who ever heard of a plain and downright homely heroine? Isn't a heroine by definition beautiful? Well, Edna Ferber, in her well known style …

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