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The Green Overcoat

Read by Russ Hobbs

Hilaire Belloc

This rollicking novel captures the minor moral dilemma of thin, shy, nervous, Professor Higginson, psychologist, as he comes under the eye o…

Parochial and Plain Sermons, Volume 1

Read by Russ Hobbs

John Henry Newman

John Henry Newman's sermons enter the human heart easily and with transformative power. Lucid thinking, beautiful English prose, an integra…

The Dream of Gerontius

Read by Russ Hobbs

John Henry Newman

As a rule, when Cardinal Newman's poetry is mentioned, people think of "The Pillar of the Cloud," better known as "Lead, Kind…

The Convict Settlement at Sydney, 1788-1800

In History of Australia and New Zealand from 1696 to 1890

Read by Russ Hobbs

George Sutherland and Alexander Sutherland

This work provides a history of the early political, social, and economic development of Australia and New Zealand. Since both British colon…

March 7 - St. Thomas Aquinas

In Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints, Volume 1 (January-March)

Read by Russ Hobbs

John Gilmary Shea

Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints : with reflections for every day in the year : compiled from "Butler's Lives" and other appro…

Vehementer Nos (On the French Law of Separation) February 11, 1906

In Encyclical Letters of Pope St. Pius X

Read by Russ Hobbs

Pope St Pius X

During his eleven year pontificate (1903-1914) Pope St. Pius X wrote 16 encyclicals. The subjects ranged from saints, The Immaculate Concept…