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The Secret Of His Success

In The Story of Edison and The Wonders of Electricity

Read by Steve C

Frank Mundell

Despite not having attended conventional school for more than a few months during his childhood, Thomas Alva Edison received a good groundin…

The Cost of a Pyramid

In Neither Here nor There

Read by Steve C

Oliver Herford

Oliver Herford, and American humorist, writer, and illustrator here gives us short vignettes from topics as seemingly insignificant things a…

King Alfred by E.A. Freeman

In Heroes Every Child Should Know

Read by Steve C

Hamilton Wright Mabie

The endeavour has been made in this volume to bring together the heroic men of different races, periods and types; and in the selection of m…


In The Life Story of a Black Bear

Read by Steve C

Harry Perry Robinson

This is the life story of a Black Bear in the western US, as told by the bear himself. He tells of the days when humans began to invade th…

The Threepenny Problem

In The Problem Club

Read by Steve C

Barry Pain

The Problem Club is an infamous London Club which meets once a month to discuss a given problem. The problems have nothing to do with mathem…

The Black Republic by Tickner Edwardes

In Coffee Break Collection 035 - Birds

Read by Steve C

Tickner Edwardes

This is the 35th Coffee Break Collection, in which LibriVox readers select and read stories or poems, fiction or non-fiction pieces of fifte…

Observ. VIII.

In Micrographia

Read by Steve C

Robert Hooke

Published in 1665, this is the first publication of the Royal Society and considered to be the first scientific best-seller. As opposed to t…


In Stories of the Lifeboat

Read by Steve C

Frank Mundell

There's fury in the tempest,And there's madness in the waves;The lightning snake coils round the foam,The headlong thunder raves;Yet a boat …

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