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Salt Mines and Castles: The Discovery and Restitution of Looted European Art

Read by TR Love

Thomas Carr Howe

"From May 1945 until February 1946, I served as a Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Officer in Germany. During the first four months of…

Little Maid Marian

Read by TR Love

Amy Ella Blanchard

Not the tale of Robin Hood’s friend, but a charming Victorian age story of Marian, a little girl being raised by her formal but loving grand…

The Red Cross Girls on the French Firing Line

Read by TR Love

Margaret Vandercook

This is the second in a series of captivating period historic romance and adventure books entitled "The Red Cross Girls." The seri…

The Enchanted April (Version 3)

Read by TR Love

Elizabeth Von Arnim

Escaping their lives for a month in a castle on the Riviera, four women spend considerable effort suspiciously guarding their solitude, beli…

Teen-Age Super Science Stories

Read by TR Love

Richard Mace Elam

Suspenseful stories about space travel and exploration of other planets. - Summary by TR Love

Incidents of Childhood

Read by TR Love


Short stories for children that hide practical lessons within charming glimpses of life in England in the Early 19th Century. (Summary by TR…

Women of the War

Read by TR Love

Barbara McLaren and Barbara Mclaren

Unexaggerated accounts of the remarkable work of several British women during WWI. - Summary by TR Love

The History of a Tame Robin, written by Himself

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A delightful children's tale of a tame robin, "supposed to be written by himself" about his domestic life with humans. - Summary b…

Women as Army Surgeons

Read by TR Love

Flora Murray

The history of the Women's Hospital Corps in Paris, Wimereux and Endell Street - September 1914-October 1919. - Summary by Author

Clown, The Circus Dog

Read by TR Love

Auguste Vimar

This children's book follows the life of Clown, whose adventures lead the reader on an exciting journey into show business. - Summary by TR…

A Pet Reader

Read by TR Love

Edith W. Lawson

Little rhymes and bits of verse about animals to entertain and instruct primary children. - Summary by TR Love

"Love Me, Love My Dog"

In Emily Climbs

Read by TR Love

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Emily Byrd Starr longs to attend Queen's Academy to earn her teaching license, but her tradition-bound relatives at New Moon refuse. She is …

I Love my Love in the Morning - Read by TRL

In I Love my Love in the Morning

Read by TR Love

Gerald Griffin

LibriVox volunteers bring you 24 recordings of I Love my Love in the Morning by Gerald Griffin.This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for A…

Love me, --I love you

In Sing-Song: a nursery rhyme book

Read by Elizabeth Travers

Christina Rossetti

One hundred and twenty six beautifully written poems about babies and childhood that capture the marvelous wonders of that age. - Summary by…

Easy-To-Make Recipes for Young Cooks

In Grandma's Recipes for Mother and Daughter

Read by TR Love

American Molasses Company

Published by the American Molasses Company, this collection of recipes features molasses for all types of cooking including meats, vegetable…

The Jicarillas: Home and General Customs

In The North American Indian, Volume 1

Read by TR Love

Edward Sherriff Curtis

Edward Sherriff Curtis was an American photographer and ethnologist who was funded by J.P. Morgan to produce a series on Native Americans. …

To Build a Fire

In Lost Face (and Other Stories)

Read by TR Love

Jack London

Seven stories by Jack London, set in the Yukon and other northwestern localities. The most well-known story in this collection is probably T…

Mr. Pottle and the One Man Dog

In The Sin of Monsieur Pettipon, and other humorous tales

Read by TR Love

Richard Connell

Collection of short stories originally published in the Saturday Evening Post.

Chosen Leader

In Billy Whiskers at the Circus

Read by TR Love

Frances Trego Montgomery

What better place for a little goat to find adventures and mischief than a circus? What is an elephant's trunk anyway? But the circus can …