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The Island of Doctor Moreau (Version 4)

Read by Veronica Maresh Mead

H. G. Wells

The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells follows shipwreck victim, Edward Prendick, as he explores a strange island his rescuer, Montgomer…

Preface, References, & Explanatory Note

In Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism

Read by Veronica Maresh Mead

Allen Putnam

"It is not our purpose to write history, but to give new explanation of old events. The long and widely tolerated theory that New Engla…

The Baba Yaga

In Children's Short Works, Vol. 047

Read by Veronica Maresh Mead

William Ralston Shedden-Ralston

Librivox's Children's Short Works Collection 047: a collection of 15 short works for children in the public domain read by a variety of Libr…

Toppings, Frostings and Sauces

In Grandma's Recipes for Mother and Daughter

Read by Veronica Maresh Mead

American Molasses Company

Published by the American Molasses Company, this collection of recipes features molasses for all types of cooking including meats, vegetable…

My Life Had Stood

In Short Poetry Collection 220

Read by Veronica Maresh Mead

Emily Dickinson

This is a collection of 44 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for September 2021.

Mysterious Disappearances, Part 1: Inferences and Presumptions of Death

In Stratagems and Conspiracies to Defraud Life Insurance Companies: An Authentic R…

Read by Veronica Maresh Mead

John B. Lewis

A thorough treatise on different ways people have tried to defraud life insurance companies, with many entertaining examples. The present . …

An Audacious Visitor

In The Twin Mystery

Read by Veronica Maresh Mead

Nicholas Carter

Nick Carter is a fictional detective who first appeared in 1886 in dime store novels. Over the years, different authors, all taking the nom …

The Vacant Lot

In Short Ghost and Horror Collection 055

Read by Veronica Maresh Mead

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up yo…