Wild Bill Hickock

(4.6 stars; 53 reviews)

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WBHickock_ep032_The_Vengeance_Trail.mp3 24:37
WBHickock ep001 First Broadcast 24:35
WBHickock ep002 The Missouri Kid 24:24
WBHickock ep003 The Case of the Unlucky Seven 24:20
WBHickock ep004 An Outlaws Revenge 24:23
WBHickock ep005 The Red Wagon Jinx 24:27
WBHickock ep006 A Cave-In 24:26
WBHickock ep007 Outlaws Bargain 24:09
WBHickock ep008 A Charge on Devils Mountain 24:30
WBHickock ep009 The Road Agents at Red Rock 24:06
WBHickock ep010 The Shadow Hill Gang 24:20
WBHickock ep011 The Confidence Game 24:51
WBHickock ep012 Press for Justice 24:46
WBHickock ep013 Warpath or Peace 24:23
WBHickock ep014 The Secret of Arroyo Diablo 24:28
WBHickock ep015 Ghost Town Gold 24:27
WBHickock ep016 The Trail of Death 24:31
WBHickock ep017 Trail Herd Trouble 24:36
WBHickock ep018 A Dangerous Wedding 24:25
WBHickock ep019 The Fury of Savage River 24:33
WBHickock ep020 Mixed Brands 24:23
WBHickock ep021 Four Aces for Death 25:14
WBHickock ep022 The Mysterious Fist epAlt Openings and Closin 27:09
WBHickock ep023 Range War 24:28
WBHickock ep024 No Title Given 25:11
WBHickock ep025 White Fury 24:36
WBHickock ep027 A Blind Trail 24:37
WBHickock ep028 The Men Who Didnt Come Backepecho 24:26
WBHickock ep029 A Mission in Alamagordo 24:12
WBHickock ep030 The Mystery of the Five Deadly Double Eagles 24:36
WBHickock ep031 Bad Medicine at Dry Gulch 24:33
WBHickock ep033 The Voice of Echo Canyon 24:29
WBHickock ep034 The Gold Maker 24:15
WBHickock ep035 The Red Trunk Riddle 24:25
WBHickock ep036 The Challenge of Sentinel Ridge 24:30
WBHickock ep037 Wyatt Fosters Secret 25:39
WBHickock ep038 The Wheels of Doom 24:56


TV-Radio-movie triple-header?

(4 stars)

I remember watching the TV version of this juvenile western series in the 1950s, and I'm sure my childhood dentists appreciated the SugarCornPops. I see Wikipedia, tv.com and IMDB have pages about the 1951-58 television version produced at the same time... They mention that some of the TV episodes were combined as feature-length releases... quite the multimedia crossover. I've only listened to one episode for fear of getting too nostalgic at breakfast time.

happy fun western

(4 stars)

i like the voices in this show, it brings a smile to the face. the clipperdee clop of the movement. it has everything except slim pickins. andy devine as jingles. even corn pops sav rekons 4 stars

Basic kid's nostalgia

(3 stars)

Andy Devine plays aversion of himself as the Deputy. Hickok does all the hombre capturin'.

Great Western

(5 stars)

Love listening to wild bill used to listen to it on the internet. now II can listen to it on here any time I want.

Takes me back to Saturday morning when I was a kid.

(4 stars)