Ceiling Unlimited 43 12 19 Christmas Show Letter To An Unborn Son

Joseph Cotten Hosts.  Constance Moore sings "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas".  Joseph Cotten introduces a story based…

Dangerous Assignment 49 07 09 Relief Supplies

In this first episode of the series, U.S. government agent Steve Mitchel goes undercover as a foreign correspondent in Italy to discover who…

Dangerous Assignment 50 06 07 Deadly Bacteria

Steve Mitchell must rush to Istanbul to foil a mysterious plot to cause numerous of deaths that will be blamed on the Americans.

Dangerous Assignment 50 12 09 Smash Berlin Kidnapping Ring

Steve Mitchel travels to Berlin to break up a kidnapping ring that may be run by a U.S. official.

Dangerous Assignment 50 12 30 Assignment Eastern Europe

Steve travels to Eastern Europe to save the life of a scholar who could influence an important meeting in his country that could turn the co…

Escape 48 02 08 Snake Doctor

The fear and hatred of a man towards another man called the Snake Doctor, leads to greed and murder.

NBC War Bond Parade 44 03 07 Seventh Consecutive War Bond Drive

John W Vandercook hosts this variety show for the promotion of war bonds, which includes music, drama, war news, and comedy. Raymond Massey,…

Upstate Radio Theatre 2015

Quality Radio Productions

Syndicated old time radio show.

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