CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74 01 07 The Return Of The Moresbys

A beach bum marries a wealthy woman who is fascinated by reincarnation. He learns that his new wife plans to make a will and leave most of h…

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 76 10 30 Witches' Sabbath

A terrified man pleads to a bartender to listen to his tale about his bizarre experience with two beautiful girls that turn out to be witche…

Cavalcade Of America 41 02 26 Edgar Allan Poe

A biography of the unhappy life of the poet and writer.

Creeps By Night 44 06 20 Those Who Walk In Darkness

Peter Lorre presents a tale of a wife whose husband has been blinded by a laboratory accident, who entrusts her husband's recovery to a surg…

High Adventure 69 07 26 Keeper Of The Tomb

Archaeologists are astonished at the discovery of an Egyptian tomb marker on a farm...in South Africa. The team finds and descends into the …

Philo Vance 50 03 28 Ivory Murder Case

Two ivory hunters collect a fortune in ivory in Africa, but the greed of one, kills the other and returns with 2 million dollars in ivory al…

Suspense 43 05 25 Sorry Wrong Number ( West Coast)

A woman becomes terrified and frantic after overhearing a murder plot over the phone. Starring Agnes Moorehead.

The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 49 04 02 The Last Laugh

Marlowe attends the reading of the Will of a man he once sent to jail, and is now supposed to be dead. The "dead man" appears afte…

The Avenger 45 07 27 The Crypt Of Thoth

Jim Brandon investigates what becomes a triple murder centered around an ancient crypt that holds the secret of riches.

The Saint 51 01 14 Simon Takes A Curtain Call

An actor friend of Simon's has come to believe someone's life may be in danger and seeks Simon's help.

The Saint 51 02 04 The Carnival Murder

While visiting a carnival, Simon receives a cry for help from one of the performers, from 20 feet underground.

The Shadow 38 03 06 The Bride Of Death

The Shadow matches wits with a fiend known as The Prophet, who has killed a minister and many others, and plans to perform a human sacrifice…

The Shadow 38 03 27 The Hypnotized Audience

The mystic brother of a condemned murderer uses mass hypnosis to kidnap the governor in a plan to free his brother.

The Shadow 38 07 24 The Mark Of The Bat

The Shadow confronts a mad doctor using giant vampire bats to murder his way into a fortune.

Weird Circle 44 1 15 The Feast Of Red Gauntlet

In the Scottish Highlands, a man who accompanied his master into the woods and witnessed the hanging of 3 men his master ordered, is met by …

Inner Sanctum - 8 Steps To Murder 6 4 46

A man devises a plan for what he believes will be the perfect murder, only, he can't think of everything.

American Novels 47 09 19 Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

American Novels presents the University Of The Air's version of Washington Irving's story of a New England school master and his encounter w…

Bela Lugosis Mystery House 44 07 03 The Thirsty Death ( Audition)

An man insanely jealous of his wife, believing she's been unfaithful, devises a fiendish method of dealing with her and her lover.  Sta…

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