The Noble Heart

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George Henry Lewes

This Victorian melodrama, written by G.H. Lewes, common law husband of novelist George Eliot (Marian Evans), featured a scandalous love tria…

The Vortex

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Noël Coward

Noel Coward explores the darker side of the roaring twenties in this early play. It focuses on an ageing beauty who uses affairs with younge…

Ellery Queen 43 03 27 The Circus Train

Traveling back home to New York, Ellery takes a train along with circus performers and the circus owner. The owner of the circus sells it to…

Mercury Theater On The Air 38 10 23 Around The World In 80 Days

The Mercury Theater presents their adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days, the story of the adventures of a gentleman who travels the glo…

The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe 50 11 17 The Careless Cleaner

An artist on a drinking binge is accused of murdering a cleaning woman, but Wolfe suspects he's being framed.

The Shadow 40 12 22 Joey's Christmas Story

Lamont and Margo help out the family of a paperboy whose father committed a crime out of desperation so his family could have a nice holiday…

Top Secret 50 07 23 Midnight For Danger

The Baroness travels to a watchmaker's shop in Switzerland to receive information concerning "Operation Das", the Nazi plan for th…

Bulldog Drummond 44 06 26 Nazi Sub

Investigating the murder of a sailor, Drummond and Denny find themselves dealing with Nazi spies.

Sam Spade 48 09 12 The Lazarus Caper

A man named Lazarus hires Spade to bring him back from the dead.  Lazarus and his wife schemed to defraud an insurance company by insur…

The Shadow 38 07 17 The Reincarnation Of Michael

Lamont and Margo discover they and the other guests of a dinner party may be in danger while attending the dinner party of a man who believe…

The Shadow 39 11 05 Mansion Of Madness

Lamont and Margo find themselves at an old castle after having car trouble.  There they meet a woman who is later threatened with being…

The Shadow 48 03 21 Death Coils To Strike

A man comes to believe that his South American wife is turning into a snake, and commits murder to protect her.

The Six Shooter 54 01 24 Helen Bricker

An outlaw is scheduled to be hanged, and the townsfolk intend to burn down the home of the outlaw's wife at the same time, unless Britt can …

The Strange Dr Weird 45 04 03 The Devil's Caverns

The nephews of a wealthy explorer, accompany their uncle into a cave with the intent of causing his "accident".

Weird Circle 45 05 06 The Red Hand

A woman, with her maid, take flight after she discovers her husband is secretly the head of a murderous criminal organization, and that he p…

Hindle Wakes

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Stanley Houghton

Alan Jeffcote, son of Nat Hawthorn, Hindle's richest factory owner, meets Fanny Hawthorn, daughter of Nat's 'slasher' and oldest friend, in …

Dan'l Druce, Blacksmith

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W. S. Gilbert

A drama from the Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan. Pursued by the Parliamentary Army after the Battle of Worcester, some Royalist soldiers ta…

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