An Enemy of the People

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Henrik Ibsen

A small coastal town in Norway is experiencing an economic boom from its newly found hot springs. When Dr. Thomas Stockmann finds that the w…

Hercule Poirot 1945 07 12 Rendevous With Death

While taking a vacation, Mr. Poirot is asked to intervene in a potentially deadly love triangle, which later results in murder.

The Master Builder

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Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen's The Master Builder, first published in 1892, is about architect Halvard Solness, who despite personal tragedy (including the …

NBC University Theater 49 04 10 Moby Dick

NBCs' radio version of the Herman Melville classic, Moby Dick, stars Henry Hull in this tale of a mans obsession with the destruction of a w…

NBC University Theater 49 01 09 The Grapes Of Wrath

The University Theater production of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, the story of the hardships of a family migrating from the destruc…

One Day More

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Joseph Conrad

A one-act play. Eccentric (crazy?) Captain Hagberd has been waiting for years for his son to come home from the sea. He has scrimped and sav…

Anna Christie

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Eugene O'Neill

Eugene O'Neill's drama Anna Christie was first produced on Broadway in 1921 and received the Pulitzer Prize in 1922. It focuses on three ma…

A Dream Play

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August Strindberg

A Dream Play (Swedish: Ett drömspel) was written in 1901 by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg. It was first performed in Stockho…


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James Joyce

Exiles is a play by James Joyce, who is principally remembered for his novels. It was rejected by W. B. Yeats for production by the Abbey Th…

History Plays for the Grammar Grades

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Mary Ella Lyng

A charming collection of 14 short American history plays for the very young - ranging from Christopher Columbus to George Washington to Susa…

Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien - Ein dramatisches Gedicht

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Friedrich Schiller

Don Karlos, Infant von Spanien ist ein Drama von Friedrich Schiller. Es behandelt vordergründig politisch-gesellschaftliche Konflikte –…


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August Strindberg

Nach der Ehe mit Frida Uhl durchlebte Strindberg eine ausgesprochen düstere Phase seines Lebens, in der er unter Wahnvorstellungen, Rea…

Outlaw - Series One

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Steve DeWinter

Steve DeWinter's latest thriller brings his own retelling of the ultimate American legend, that of the lone ranger. Recorded with a full cas…

Caesar and Cleopatra

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George Bernard Shaw

Caesar and Cleopatra, a play written in 1898 by George Bernard Shaw, was first staged in 1901 and first published with Captain Brassbound's …

Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore

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Luigi Pirandello

In un teatro, in cui si sta provando una rappresentazione, irrompono sei "personaggi" che dotati di vita reale cercano un autore c…


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Susan Glaspell

On the surface, this short play is a slice-of-life story about a murder investigation in the rural United States. However, it is also a stor…

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