Sam Spade 47 11 09 The Bow Window Caper

A woman with less than a month to live is killed in the office of a doctor who has a jealous wife, and Spade must figure out which of a numb…

The First Part of King Henry IV (version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

William Shakespeare

After the events of Richard II, wherein the conceited King Richard II is dethroned and assassinated, Shakespeare’s Henriad continues apace w…

Sherlock Holmes 47 04 07 The Adventure Of The Tolling Bell

While vacationing in a seemingly quiet country village, Holmes and Watson soon hear of a series of deaths taking place there, and Holmes tra…

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 81 08 31 The Musgrave Ritual

This Sherlock Holmes story involves Holmes recounting a past adventure to Doctor Watson that took place before the two met.  Holmes is …

Lux Radio Theater 44 01 24 Casablanca

Host Cecil B. DeMille introduces Alan Ladd and Hedy Lamarr as the stars of the Lux production of Casablanca, about the leader of the Nazi re…

Molle Mystery Theatre 45 02 27 Yours Truly Jack The Ripper

Peter Lorre presents a tale of a man from the British consulate who enlists the aide of a Chicago psychiatrist in his belief that Jack the R…

The Adventures Of Sam Spade 48 10 31 The Fairley Bright Caper

Spade is hired to watch over the guests of a Halloween party being given at the Fairley estate, but is unable to prevent murder.

The New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 47 03 03 Queue For Murder

Seeking to help a patient in Lime House in the middle of the night, Watson stumbles onto a murder, and after alerting Holmes, together they …

X Minus One 57 11 21 The Coffin Cure

Doctor Coffin succeeds in curing the common cold, but with excruciating side effects, and struggles to find a cure for the cure.

Sam Spade 48 07 04 The Rushlight Diamond Caper

Sam is hired to protect a rare gem, but ends up investigating a murder.

Sherlock Holmes 45 10 08 The Case Of The Vanishing Elephant

Holmes and Watson are in India at the invitation of the Maharajah of Pabitipur, only to find it necessary to solve his murder.

Sherlock Holmes 45 12 17 The Second Generation

Watson visits Holmes at his bee farm to persuade him to solve a blackmail problem suffered by the daughter of Irene Adler.

Sherlock Holmes 48 05 02 The Adventure Of The Sinister Crate Of Cabbages

Holmes becomes interested in reports of numerous people exhibiting very strange behavior.  While Holmes is investigating an apparent su…

Sherlock Holmes 59 05 12 The Man With The Twisted Lip

Holmes takes the case of the disappearance of a husband who is feared to have been murdered by a dirty beggar.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 53 07 14 The Shayne Bombing Matter

Johnny Dollar investigates a bombing death that implicates the victims' own brother.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77 06 28 The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

Sherlock Holmes is asked to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a woman 2 years ago, when those same circumsta…

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