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सुनिए नीतिवचन अध्याय 19 मोनिका की आवाज में 

20180713 Session 3 Francis Chan Selfless Christianity

Francis Chan speaking on becoming family with the body of Christ.

# 26 नीतिवचन

नीतिवचन अध्याय 26 सुनिए मोनिका की आवाज में 

# 30 नीतिवचन

नीतिवचन अध्याय 30 सुनिए मोनिका की आवाज में 

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नीतिवचन अध्याय 31 सुनिए मोनिका की आवाज में 

All That Jesus Taught (A Series of 80 Studies) - Zac Poonen

A series of 80 studies (of about 25 minutes each) by Zac Poonen titled "ALL THAT JESUS TAUGHT"

God's Magnificent Promises - Zac Poonen

God's Magnificent Promises 01) God Honours Those Who Honour Him 02) God's Kingdom Is For The Needy 03) God's Grace Makes Us Overcomers 04) P…

Great Truths - Zac Poonen

Great Truths 01) Great Truth In Ephesians - Part-1 02) Great Truth In Ephesians - Part-2 03) Great Truth In Ephesians - Part-3    …

2015 12 26 Jesus Can Relate

Speaker: Pr. Alvin Maragh

2015-12-26 sermon by Pr. Alvin Maragh titled "Jesus Can Relate" during the Divine Worship service at Central Valley SDA Church in …

New Covenant Truths - Zac Poonen

New Covenant Truths 01) Superior To The Law 02) Repentance And A Heavenly Kingdom 03) The Root Of Sin 04) The Shadow And The Reality 05) The…

Order in the Home: Part 1 - 5

Pastor Peter J. Peters

Order in the Home: Part 1 - 5

Prophets And Prophesying - Zac Poonen

Prophets And Prophesying 01) The Truth About Prophecy : a) Introduction To Prophecy - Zac Poonen 02) The Truth About Prophecy : b) Prophecy …

Testing And Deception - Zac Poonen

Testing and Deception 01) The Lord Tests The Righteous 02) How To Escape Deception 03) God Tests Before He Promotes 04) Eight Ways Of Deceiv…

The Abundant Life - Zac Poonen

The Abundant Life 01) God Is A Good God 02) God Is A Holy God 03) God Controls All People And Events 04) Jesus Our Forerunner 05) Baptised I…

The Higher Life - Zac Poonen

The Higher Life    The Christ Life For The Self Life 01) a) The Corruption Of The Self Life 02) b) The Pathway -a)Being Broken 03)…

The Law Of The Holy Spirit - Zac Poonen

The Law Of The Holy Spirit 01) The Holy Spirit Within Us 02) The Spirit And The Aroma Of Christ 03) The Aroma Of Christ's Humility 04) Examp…

The Marks Of True Faith - Zac Poonen

The Marks Of True Faith 01) A Good Conscience 02) The Obedience Of Faith 03) Total Dependence Upon God 04) Enduring Till The End

The Overcoming Life - Zac Poonen

The Overcoming Life 01) The Foundation For Overcoming 02) Overcoming Pride 03) Overcoming Selfishness 04) Overcoming Unbelief 05) Overcoming…

Through The Bible - New Testament - 36 to 70 (English) By Zac Poonen

70 one-hour expositions that bring out the distinctive message of each book of the Bible. Through The Bible will help you to understand scri…

Understanding The Truth Accurately - Zac Poonen

Understanding The Truth Accurately 1) God And Satan 2) The Root Of Sin 3) Legalism And The Holy Spirit 4) Dead Works And The New Covenant 5)…

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