Saxon and Norman

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Amice Macdonell

Edward the Confessor is very weak and will die soon. But with no son to succeed him, who will gain the throne? The common folk and loyal Sax…

Mildred at Home: With Something About Her Relatives and Friends

Read by Michelle Hannah

Martha Finley

Book 5 of the story of Mildred Keith by Martha Finley. We join Mildred as she settles into home life as wife and mother. We also see the res…

The Story of the Armada

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Amice Macdonell

It's the summer of 1588, and all is not well in England. Citizens are plotting to betray their queen for Spanish gold, and the dreaded Armad…

Perils in the Transvaal and Zululand

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Henry Cadwallader Adams

A young man travels to South Africa to find his Mother and sister. He wants to be a clergyman and a farmer when he arrives there. This story…

In Texas with Davy Crockett

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John Thomas Mcintyre

A fictionalized biography of the famous frontiersman aimed at a juvenile audience.

Buffalo Bill and the Overland Trail

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Edwin L. Sabin

Buffalo Bill Cody is one of the most colorful figures of the early American West. In these adventures we find Billy Cody at age 13 earning …

A Warwickshire Lad: The Story of the Boyhood of William Shakespeare

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George Madden Martin

Ever wonder what happened to ol' Billy Shakespeare as a child? How did Little William get to be the great writer that we remember him for? T…

A Little Girl in Old New York

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Amanda Minnie Douglas

The first entry in A Little Girl series, a series of historical fiction books for young girls, A Little Girl in Old New York chronices the a…

The Little Colonel's Chum: Mary Ware

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Annie Fellows Johnston

This volume is the result of an avalanche of letters that, reached the author, Annie Fellows Johnston, complaining that she skipped in the L…

Other People's Lives

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Rosa Nouchette Carey

A series of stories by Rosa Nouchette Carey who was a popular English novelist, whose works reflected the wholesome values of her time. They…

Molly, The Drummer Boy

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Harriet Theresa Comstock and Harriet Theresa Comstock

Molly, The Drummer Boy is the tale of a brave drummer, who, during the war of the Revolution, passed like a gleam of brightness, fun—and ala…

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